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Each week the Eyres post one tried and proven “Parenting Principle” (or sometimes a Marriage Principle) here on this page, and also on social media (Instagram @richardlindaeyre, Facebook @lindarichardeyre, and Twitter @richardeyre). Please follow, and invite your friends to do the same. Each week the brief, quotable parenting principle will appear with several links to articles, podcasts, videos, or radio and television appearances that give more ideas, instruction and inspiration on that principle.

September 28, 2020

England Stories

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Having completed their quarantine, the Eyres have moved from Somerset up to London to be with their youngest daughter who will deliver twins any day now.

So on today’s show, they talk about the various times when they have lived in London–as Mission Presidents, and when they went back ten years later so that their younger children could have some of the same British experience and schooling that their older children experienced during the mission.

Richard and Linda go into story-telling mode and share some of the family-centric English incidents that are dear to them and instructive to all of us with regard to our families.


September 21, 2020

Ancestor Stories

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Once again podcasting from England, the Eyres talk today on their Eyres on the Road podcast about their English ancestors, and ancestors in general and how knowing their stories can give us both identity and resilience.

Richard and Linda are in quarantine in the Southwest of England, where many of their ancestors lived, and they are using their time there to harvest all they can about those for-bearers and their lives and times. They not only share some of these stories on today’s program, but suggest ways we all can bring to life the stories of our ancestors and make them available and accessible to our children.


September 14, 2020

Birth Stories

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Joining us today on their podcast from the little village of Batheaston, in Somerset, England, Richard and Linda are in quarantine for 14 days, hoping that their splendid isolation will end at about the same time as their youngest daughter gives birth to her twins in London. So how could they talk about anything today other than baby stories–birth stories–those glorious moments when children from a pre-mortal existence enter into this world.

The Eyres recall the birth of many of their children and grandchildren including their son who came nine weeks early in London four decades ago, and their other set of grandchildren twins that arrived in San Jose just hours before they left on a round-the-world book and speaking tour. Every birth is a joyful miracle, and Wordsworth was right when he said “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting, the soul that rises with us, our life-star, hath had elsewhere its setting and cometh from afar…”


August 31, 2020

Prayerful Parenting

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Lincoln said “Sometimes I am driven to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have no place else to go.” As parents, we often feel this same feeling. Parenting is hard, children are complicated, the world is dangerous and confusing, particularly in this pandemic–and we are driven to our knees because we have nowhere else to go. This can be a good thing because an earthly parent praying to a Heavenly Parent about a child that they share can create some of the most fervent, effectual prayers ever uttered. It can generate answers that we would never find anywhere else.

On the latest edition of the Eyres on the Road podcast, Richard and Linda talk about parental prayer and how we can all make it a more important part of our lives.


April 13, 2020

Would You Like Two or Three Months to Re-Evaluate Your Life?

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Just returning from the marriage of their granddaughter, which Richard performed on a red rock plateau above the Colorado River, the Eyres have been in a reflective mood–pondering some of the blessings and tender mercies that can come out of this tragic pandemic. Participating in a world-wide fast and prayer, Richard and Linda, in their Eyres on the Road podcast this week, discuss the silver lining of how many families are re-structuring their priorities and deliberately renewing their commitments to spouse and children and extended family during this time of crisis and loss. The forces of darkness say “fear and panic, close everything down, economic turmoil.” But the forces of light say “unite neighborhoods, have family dinner, slow down and appreciate, teach our children, improve relationships.” Also on this week’s podcast, they discuss their Instagram post for this Easter weekend about the healing power of Christ.


March 16, 2020

Some Free Help for You and Your Children

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Like you, we have been trying to keep our family well and safe during this crazy time, and trying to figure out what to do with kids who can’t go to school and with the extra time we have due to events and meetings and church services being canceled.

About the only possible silver lining to the whole situation could be some extra family time—if we can figure out how to use it well. Maybe this can be a time of introspection and family togetherness where we all slow down a little and focus on the thing that matters most anyway—our relationships with our kids and with each other.

We’ve been trying to think about how ValuesParenting could help with this kind of strategy during this time of unique needs (and maybe unique opportunities) and get materials and ideas to parents that will help make this extra time at home with our kids both fun and meaningful. We offer each of the following, all for free, including the first two units of the values program until April 30:

  1. The values series Alexander’s Amazing Adventures is immediately available. It is a series of audio adventures that will keep your kids interested and involved for hours and provide endless opportunities to talk together about 12 key values that all of us want our children to embrace. Until April 30, the first two adventures in the series are free.
  2. EyresFreeBooks brings 25 of our books instantly to your phone or computer for free and some of them may give you a chance to study and think about some aspects of your plan for your family.
  3. There are several free previews that we invite you to explore, including a “secret code” for better family communication and a dialogue for talking to your children about sex.
  4. Or, you might have time to work a little on setting up a family economy or a family legal system, or on reviewing and modifying your family traditions.
  5. You can follow us on Instagram @richardlindaeyre where we post on family relationships each Tuesday and a meditation on Christ each Sunday (because eternal families are the end and Christ is the means).
  6. You can Listen to us on our Eyres on the Road podcast every week on your favorite podcast app. The most recent edition is about finding the relationship-and-family-centered silver linings with this coronavirus situation.

Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, we hope, for your family as well as for ours, that we can turn this unexpected, more isolated time into a good opportunity for our own internal peace and for added closeness with our families.

All our best,
Richard and Linda

January 13, 2020

The Family.Is Awards for Social Media that Helps Families

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An extensive effort has been underway for several months to locate the most positive and family-helpful Social Media and websites. It is all part of the Annual Family.Is Social Media Awards, to which the Eyres have lent their names.

As parents and as marriage partners, we worry about the negative effects that our small screens can have on our kids–and on us! We know there are some good, family-strengthening websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, blogs, and social media, but how do we find them and narrow it down to the very best and most helpful ones? Well, as the Eyres announced this past week, A panel of reviewers and judges has sorted through hundreds of nominees for the Family.Is Social Media Awards and come up with 10 finalists in each of the six categories. (blogs, websites, podcasts, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook).

Richard and Linda challenge all of us to go to vote for our favorites, but more importantly to go through the sites listed there as finalists and pick out and follow the ones that resonate and that will help us most with our own families.

For more detail on positive, family-helpful Social Media and for the full story on the Family.Is Social Media Awards, listen to the Eyres’ latest Eyres on the Road podcast.


September 16, 2019

The Family.Is Internet Awards

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Do you have a love-hate relationship with blogs and social media and YouTube? Do you love what you can learn and the information you can get from the Internet and from podcasts and food websites? Yet at the same time are you afraid of what screen time and social media can do to your children, and to you and your own life?

Well, you are not alone. Everywhere we travel and most every parenting audience we speak to has this love-hate feeling. We have decided that the best way to deal with it is not just through restriction and discipline (though those are important)–the best way is to be selective, to use the good things on the Internet and social media to strengthen your family and to give you great ideas for parenting and marriage, and to seek the sites that encourage you and make you feel validated in the family-oriented lifestyle you have chosen.

To help with this, we have lent our name and a lot of our effort to a wonderful new set of awards called the Family.Is Internet Awards, which will recognize and award the bloggers, Instagrammers, Facebookers, YouTubers, podcasters, and website operators whose content does the best job of fortifying families by celebrating commitment, popularizing parenting, validating values, and bolstering balance. The first annual awards will be given in February of 2020, and you now have the opportunity to nominate your favorite internet source of “good family stuff” by contacting us and including the sentence “I nominate [name of nominee] for a Family.Is Award.” Be sure to include a link to their blog, website, podcast, Instagram account, Facebook page, or YouTube channel.

For more information:

Podcast Video

July 15, 2019

Myth 8 From the 8 Myths of Marriaging

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8. The Myth of Marriage’s Demise (and other myths about the macro of marriage in society)

Myth: Marriage is on the decline and disappearing as an institution.
Truth: The strongest, most fulfilling marriages in the history of the world exist today.

Sub-myth 1: Educated people are not getting married.
Truth: Today, it is college educated people that are getting married and staying married.

Sub-myth 2: Most people in today’s world no longer want to get married or be married.
Truth: Polls show that over 90 percent of people want to be married.

Sub-myth 3: Marriage is simply not as relevant or as useful as it once was in society.
Truth: Given the disconnected, polarizing, fracturing, temporary, and transient nature of today’s culture, the bonds and connections and commitments of marriage have never been more important and more needed.

There is both a dark side and a light side when we think about the future of marriage. On the dark side, the statistical drops in marriage rates and increases in cohabitation without marriage seem to be spelling the doom and the irrelevance of marriage; but the fact is that the best of today’s marriage have a greater amount of partnership, of role equality, and of mutual respect and support than any marriages in any other era.

To go deeper into this topic:

Podcast Article 1 Article 2

July 8, 2019

Myth 7 From the 8 Myths of Marriaging

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7. The Equality Myth (and other myths about sameness)

Myth: Equality should be the prime goal of your relationship or your marriage.
Truth: Striving for equality breeds comparing and criticism and it may produce more competition than compatibility. It is better to work for a marriage of synergistic oneness that breeds cooperation and compensates for one another’s weaknesses.

Sub-myth 1: You have to be the same to be equal.
Truth: The best kind of equality is oneness, and it thrives on different but equally important roles.

Sub-myth 2: The key to a good marriage is for both partners to go 50 percent and meet in the middle.
Truth: You may have to go 90 percent to meet your spouse’s 10 percent sometimes, and your partner may have to go 90 percent to meet you other times.

Sub-myth 3: Feminism is about eliminating all differences between men and women.
Truth: Feminism is about women and men being different but equal.

We give equality a lot of lip service and praise, but when applied to marriage, the concept has problems. Insisting on equality can be like trying to make every game end in a tie. If we are constantly worrying about equality then somebody is always a little ahead or a little behind and we have to keep compensating and adjusting. There is an element of competition in equality, and a certain amount of comparing and judging.

Maybe the best marriages are not about equality. Maybe they are about oneness.

In our definition, oneness brings two halves together in a merger that allows for synergy, for specialization, for different abilities and skills, and for mutual appreciation rather than mutual competition.

For more about this myth and the truths we should replace it with:

Podcast Article

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