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June 30, 2015

The Second Best Part of Joy School is the Mom’s Group

The best part of Joy School is that our preschoolers learn the indispensable and ever-valuable social and emotional JOYS that prepare them for kindergarten and for life!

But the second best part of Joy School is the Joy School Mom’s group!

Think about it: What could be better than meeting regularly with your best and most trusted friends to talk about your most valuable asset—your kids! And who would you rather have teaching your preschooler other than yourself—your best friends!

When mom’s form a joy school group, it is guaranteed that their children will become the best of friends. But what is also guaranteed is that the moms will become even closer to each other and become an integral part of the process of raising each other’s kids.

It’s the classic example of “covering for each other.” You teach one week, doing your best to impart that lesson’s “joy” to the kids, and then for the next three weeks (if there are four of you in your joy school group) your friends and fellow teachers cover for you, teaching the other aspects of that month’s joy.

It is a coop and a shared responsibility and an example of teamwork at its best!

And it is likely that your children will look up to and learn from those “other moms” for years to come!

June 29, 2015

Joy School: One Twentieth the Cost

Someone said to us the other day, “Imagine, getting one of the most acclaimed preschool experiences in the world for my child, and having it cost about one twentieth of what most commercial preschools cost!”

We had to agree. Because Joy School operates like a coop, with all participating ValuesParenting members sharing the costs, families pay only about $100 per year in Joy School dues (plus the $50 ValuesParenting membership fee). The total of $150.00 per year is about one twentieth the 2,800 per year cost of a fairly average two or three morning a week commercial preschool.

And cost does matter! You bet it does! Young families have plenty of expenses, and many are struggling financially at the time they have preschoolers in their homes. They want the very best preschool experience for their child, but they know that if they pay thousands of dollars for it, they will be unable to get some of the other things their children and family needs.

So the “do it yourself” aspect of Joy School, where the moms themselves are the teachers, seems to be the ideal answer. The curriculum and lesson plans (particularly now that they have been renewed and revised as Joy School 2.0) are so good and so detailed that even moms who have never taught or supervised groups of small children before can do so with confidence at Joy School.

And after all, aren’t the best things in life the things we love and value but that we also save money on?!

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