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July 22, 2015

Joy School Rides Again!

You know the feeling you get when you meet an old friend and realize that you love them as much as ever, but that they have become even better than when you last saw them?

Well, that is how we are feeling about Joy School. Here is this wonderful preschool curriculum which has been used by over 200,000 families and influenced maybe a half million kids; and now it is renewed, completely modernized, automated, and ready to download with all of the old ideas and stories about various kinds of Joy that we all love so much along with added activities and methods and ways to teach it all to our kids!

Back in the “old days,” when Joy School started, three to six moms got together and agreed on a rotation schedule where one of them would teach Joy School two mornings a week. All the materials were printed in a manual and the songs came on a cassette tape. Parents loved it, kids loved it, and the idea of a JQ (Joy Quotient) being more important than IQ caught on. Moms realized that they have a limited amount of time with their preschoolers before they are off to kindergarten, and that teaching them the social and emotional joys that make their young lives happy and full is the best gift they could give them (and the best preparation for Kindergarten!). Moms that had never taught school and never handled a group of preschoolers discovered that with the detailed lesson plans and the quick and easy art and music activities, they could do it!

We started hearing from Kindergarten teachers who said they could recognize the Joy School graduates because they really knew the joy of sharing, the joy of self reliance, the joy of setting simple goals, the joy of kindness and friendliness and so on. Moms loved entrusting their kids to their best friends as the other teachers in the Joy School group. And they loved the money they were saving since Joy School cost only about one tenth of what a commercial preschool cost. We literally couldn’t keep up with the demand. We had to reprint every month as Joy School grew throughout the US and overseas.

And it has just kept going. When it first became available online about 15 years ago, there was another boom, and Joy School reached another whole generation of moms and kids.

But gradually some things about the lessons became dated. The joys were still relevant, as were most of the stories and songs and art activities, but it all needed a facelift and some new 2015 type ideas. And it needed to download easier and be user friendly on a smartphone or whatever the teaching mom wanted to use.

So, Joy School 2.0 was born! Moms who had done Joy School for years (with our daughter Saren and daughter-in-law Aja as the leaders) completely re-did the lesson plans. It was a labor of love and took the better part of a year.

And it’s ready!

Click links for sample Joy School 2.0 lesson plans from:

The Introductory Unit
The Joy of the Body Unit
The Joy of Honesty and Candor Unit
The Joy of Order and Goal Striving Unit

One objective of Joy School has always been to keep the price low enough that all moms and all kids who want to can participate. And with the beauty of downloads and web access, we have been able to actually make the dues for the bigger, better Lesson Plans for Joy School 2.0 less than the dues for the original Joy School 1.0 lesson plans!

Everything is easier. It all works on your smartphone or your tablet or your laptop or your desktop. The songs are instant, as are the art activities and all the lesson plan ideas.

If you are a family who has already become a member and paid dues for a year of Joy School, you can get the all-new and updated 2.0 for rock bottom dues of only $45.00 for the full year or $25 per semester. If you have never joined ValuesParenting or have not paid dues for a full year of Joy School, you can get an automatic ValuesParenting membership (which includes access to all other ValuesParenting programs) and the full year of Joy School 2.0 for $150. (Joy School dues with a membership fee used to be $170). And as an early bird special, through July 31, you can get your dues for the year and lifetime membership down to $125 if you sign up concurrently with at least two other members of your Joy School mother’s group!

Click here to go directly to the Joy School page on the completely redesigned You can now order Joy School 2.0 and gain instant access!

We love you as fellow parents and hope you will pass this letter on to anyone you know who may want to experience the proven, innovative, and fun preschool experience that we call Joy School!

Love to all, Richard and Linda Eyre

July 6, 2015

Why “JQ” is More Important Than IQ

Two or three decades ago, when Joy School started, most parents seemed to think that getting their preschoolers an academic head start was the most important thing. IQ and learning to read early and being ahead when they started Kindergarten seemed to be what every parent thought were the keys to success.

Well, not EVERY parent. There were some parents, and Richard and Linda Eyre were among them, who thought that little kids deserved an actual childhood. The Eyres believed that being well adjusted socially and emotionally was much more important for preschoolers than learning to read or add or do square roots earlier than their peers. The Eyres’ “radical” idea was that parents should be most interested in the happiness level of their kids—in their JQ or Joy Quotient rather than their IQ.

Joy School was born from that thought process.

As time went by, the Eyre’s opinion was backed up by a lot of kindergarten teachers who said how that rather than an academically head-started kid, they would rather have a Joy School graduate who knew the joy of sharing, the joy of order, the joy of self reliance, the joy of curiosity and creativity and the other Joy School Joys.

There is plenty of time to learn academic subjects, and kids who have learned the social and emotional “Joys” are going to be the best learners. (And just to be sure, there is a “kindergarten readiness” add-on to Joy School that does get kids academically ready.)

We only have a couple of short years with these precious three- and four-year olds, and we ought to protect that time and use it to teach them the most valuable things there are—namely the joys of living!

July 3, 2015

The Value of a ValuesParenting Membership is a membership organization. Participants in Joy School and each of the other VP parenting programs must be members of ValuesParenting. Members pay a lifetime membership of $50 which gives them access to each of the parenting helps listed below and allows them to pay dues for each parenting program (like Joy School) that they wish to participate in. Ten percent of a members membership fee and ten percent of all dues go to the Eyrealm Foundation, a non-profit charity that helps third world families.

This year, for the first time, a ValuesParenting membership comes automatically with the cost of one full year of Joy School ($150.) Families that are already ValuesParenting members pay only $100. For the Joy School year. And if you are a ValuesParenting member who has already paid dues for a year of Joy School 1.0, you can simply upgrade to Joy School 2.0 by paying $45. For the year.

As a ValuesParenting member, you are qualified to have access, for small monthly dues to the Teaching Children Responsibility parenting program, the Teaching Children Values parenting program (Alexander’s Amazing Adventures for elementary age kids), the Teaching Children Sensitivity parenting program (for Teens), the Empty Nest parenting program, and the LifeBalance program (for all of us too-busy adults).

Additionally, ValuesParenting members get the following benefits:


  • Parenting Tip
    A weekly parenting tip that ties into the season of the year as well as relating to the month’s Value and Joy.

  • Family Night Lesson
    Twelve months of weekly family night lessons, ideas, and stories.


  • Monthly Greeting
    The Eyres will provide their own personal new parenting and family ideas each month.

  • Joy of the Month
    An extensive list and description of methods for teaching the Joy of the month. Included are children’s stories and games written and designed to teach each month’s Joy.

  • Value of the Month
    An extensive list and description of methods for teaching the Value of the month. Included are children’s stories and games written and designed to teach each month’s Value.

  • 3 Steps to a Strong Family
    Organizational ideas for strengthening families.

  • I Didn’t Plan to be a Witch
    Written directly to and especially for overloaded moms.

  • Father’s Corner
    For dads who want to make the most of fatherhood.

  • LifeBalance
    Helping busy parents balance the demands of work, family, and personal needs

Other Parenting Helps:

  • Turning the Hearts
    A deep look into the ways in which the society around us is weakening our families…and what to do about it.

  • Nurturing
    “Animal fables” to help you establish a language of symbols to communicate with your children.

  • How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex
    Dialog and suggestions on being able to talk together about the most intimate subject.

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