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New Arrival!

Uncategorized We hope our Valuesparenting family is enjoying a fun summer, whether you’re sizzling hot or soaking wet!  We got a letter this week from a reader in England and one in Indonesia. It is so inspiring to know that good parents all over the world are...
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Our “Number One”

Uncategorized There are so many fabulous Mothers in our Valuesparenting world. I have seen their resilience, their creativity, their undying devotion to the quest of helping their children become the very best they can be. I know their devotion to their cause and know that nothing...
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Real Life

Uncategorized One of our daughters has an adored, beloved baby who isn’t progressing as fast as her other children.  Because smore and more parents have children with a wide array of learning delays and disabilities, we thought you might enjoy this mom’s thoughts!...
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