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November 30, 2011

Gold Prize Winners

This week we finally managed to make connections (after several tries from both sides) with the amazing couple who won the gold prize for the give-away that we sponsored during The Entitlement Trap pre-sales era. The prize was dinner with us at a fun Park City restaurant. I think we were actually the winners! We had so much fun getting to know this extraordinary couple. 

On January 3rd Sarah and Gabe Granata are moving with their four little children ages seven to about 18 months to China! Unlike others in their company, they will be living smack dab in the middle of a Chinese high-rise community surrounded by only Chinese speaking friends and neighbors which is only a few minutes from his office rather than 90 minutes each way if they were to live near other Americans.

They are debating whether to just throw their kids into Chinese schools with the help of a Chinese tudor after school OR to home school them for the rest of the year and then throw them in when they start again next fall. Dad/Rick’s suggestion of course, was to throw them in and let them swim. My feeling would be to get them acclimated for a few months and then sent them off to a Chinese school in the next school year. I think we weren’t too much help on that one. You might ask why not put the kids in a private school? The problem is the tuition: $22,000-30,000 per child.

They are excited about their adventure!

Two and a half hours simply flew by as we were amazed at this couple’s courage and stamina. Go Gabe and Sarah!




November 23, 2011

The Richness of Autumn (Thanksgiving 2011)

Juxtaposition of cool air in my nostrils and hot sun on my back
Slanting, revealing light, deeper shadows, flaming foliage
Surprising snow skiff or frost some mornings

Autumn, always the favorite season
And now the season of our lives
Our axis tilts slowly, and stretches our mortal year across nine seasons

A long, growing spring through school and mission and marriage
An early summer of new babies and politics and another mission
A midsummer with full-bloom cacophony of conceived children and books
The lush late summer’s Eyrealm missions and marriages
Indian summer of central three-campus kingdom and orbiting satellites
And now full autumn, rich and boundless
Then fall, more as a mellow invitation than a lowering threat
Followed by early winter’s renewed energy and new snow
And finally the reflective soft silence and reward of deep winter

We love the sixth season because it is now, the last third of the second third
Late enough for perspective but early enough for energy
We wait to see if country or church will be turned by our friends
Bright leaves, some flying in the wind and some still on the tree
I am the eyre or seer into the eyes of our nine noble ones
Family members 40 and 41 set to enter this estate as grandchildren 22 and 23
We float on new volumes and audiences to the domains of daughters and sons
Wrapped in each other’s oneness, flying far and then homing again and again
To the warmth of three campuses that become physical legacy
Fresh books on entitlement and spiritual solutions
A little early snow from a surgery shoulder and a bungled back previews winter and
Enhances returning equine and athletic appreciation

Abundance abounds and giving lags receiving so we get constantly and gratefully more behind
(Only our ever-indebted liabilities can balance His ever-given assets)
Our thanks-giving forms in the mould of our inability ever to repay

Next to Him, it is you we thank
Friends and family who see our hearts and know our love
This Thanksgiving of 2011

Richard and Linda (the north lake, the central mountains or the south desert)
Saren and Jared + 5 (Ogden), Shawni and Dave +5 and Josh (Phoenix),
Saydi and Jeff +4 (Boston), Jonah and Aja +4 (Maui), Tal and Anita +1* (NYC)
Noah and Kristi +4* (San Diego), Eli and Julie (D.C.) and Charity (San Francisco)
*new one arriving any day

November 8, 2011

Last TOFW in Phoenix

It’s been a fun ride to be with the Time Out for Women organization the past couple of years after we wrote A Mother’s Book of Secrets together…but alas, you need to produce a new product for Deseret Book in order to keep going and Shawni and I haven’t exactly had time to write another book this year! Time to go on. Still we’ll take what we can get and meeting such amazing people with incredible talent has been a stellar experience! Nice to do our finale in Shawni’s home town and be with 2700 stalwart women and 400 terrific girls (who had their separate meeting).



This one was in downtown Phoenix which is a pretty awesome place!  It was fun for Shawni not to have to pack a bag!


The girl on the left and the mom with the adorable baby (Mercy River) are sitting by Matt Baldwin, who wrote a great book this year and is a therapist. He also happens to be my sister Lenna’s neighbor. Small world! 


Our hero Cindy Packard who started Care for Life with her husband in Mozambique (where Tal and Anita spent part of their honeymoon and who are now on the board) was there with her good friend Mary Ellen Edmunds who gave a wonderful talk.



One of the most fun things about TOFW is that they are starting to do Time Out for Girls for girls 12 and older. How great was that to have Elle (right) and her friend McKenna be able to be in the same building with us? They sneaked out to hear our talk and were so excited and just plain cute!



And just to add the icing on the cake, all of Shawni’s sisters-in-law and her cousin came to support her.


So many beautiful women, young and old were there for a day away from the hassles of life.


Here is a darling grandma (center) with all her terrific daughters and daughters in law! BIG family!


Here are some of our favorite “Time Out” people including Hilary Weeks (right) with her velvet voice and clever presentations, thought provoking Matt Baldwin and darling Kris Belcher, who lost one eye to cancer at when she was a 7 month-old baby and the other several years ago. Her tribulations are beyond belief but what a woman!  She could be a stand up comic in Las Vegas without blinking an eye (oops, excuse the pun). She is able to laugh at herself and keep us laughing too, even though her circumstances are so tragic! She has never seen her four year old since he was an infant. 

We got a chance to meet Kris’ dog Nadine this time.  Even though she looks like a panther in the picture (dont’ know what all that shine is) she is a perfect companion for Kris!


Ah, life has it’s eras and this has been a great one! 

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