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The Newest Eyre Grandbaby!

Uncategorized Home at last…well at least on American soil!  We’re in Boston holding our eighteenth grand child!  Little Emmeline was born on November 9th, eleven days early!  She was supposed to wait for us but she already has a mind of her own!  We...
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Quality Kuala Lumpur

Uncategorized The infrastructure in the big cities of Asia are just amazing (despite the fact that there are still monster traffic jams).  The upscale shopping couldn’t be more comprehensive anywhere in the world. Bangkok’s elevated train, slick luxury hotels,...
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Fascinating People in Bangkok!

Uncategorized Our event was last night at our hotel where the buffet is not quite like the ones we see at home but wow, was it good (and VERY chili pepper hot in some cases). One of the attendees was a member of WPO…World Presidents’ Organization (older YPO members) who...
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Uncategorized Here we are in one of the cleanest, largest, most well organized cities in Asia…Singapore.  In many ways it is the exact opposite of everywhere else we’ve been in Asia so far.  The government is well-run, the streets are immaculate and there is a...
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A Birthday We Won’t Forget!

Uncategorized This blog entry somehow didn’t post in Vietnam, but rather than delete it, we thought it might be of some interest. It was on Richard’s birthday where the first part of the day was spent at the War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) where that...
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