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The infrastructure in the big cities of Asia are just amazing (despite the fact that there are still monster traffic jams).  The upscale shopping couldn’t be more comprehensive anywhere in the world. Bangkok’s elevated train, slick luxury hotels, gourmet food and new literal "space age" airport almost feels like you’ve been transported into the future.


2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4168

From there we went on to the Malaysian airport in Kuala Lumpur, which is also an architectural extravaganza!

2008-11-13 Kuala Lumpur 4170

Simply fabulous buildings with wildly creative designs fill the Kuala Lumpur skyline!  Starting with the amazing "Twin Towers" with their classic Muslim design:


2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4178

We are doing workshops at a Forest Retreat in the mountains above Kuala Lumpur.  There are 12 families, camped in extraordinarily large tents.  Their children are truly incredible.  All speak at least three languages fluently. Some can also speak a couple of dialects.  The young children mostly go to Chinese schools to learn to speak and write in Chinese until they graduate to the secondary system where they go to Malaysian Schools or International Schools where they polish their English as well as Malaysian plus several dialects.  The families eat together almost every night and their kids a kind and respectful…something we don’t always see in the United States! 

2008-11-14 Kuala Lumpur 4217 

The parents are smart and creative.  We’ve had so much fun with them in several hours of workshops in talking about Lifebalance, Giving Kids Ownership and Values and The Secret Code for Families and Working with Teenagers. 


2008-11-15 parents  in KL 4254

One indication of their creativity is that they have assigned two of their kids (16 year olds) to be the Chairpersons for the event. They have planned everything including events to keep a mob of teenagers and a bunch of  little kids happy while the parents meet in workshops.  Families had fun participating in "The Amazing Race" and showed off their talents for kerioke.  They will culminate their activities with Paint Ball!  

Event Chairs: Zhao Shen and Guang Ee

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4230

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4226

Their staying in these enormous tents in a beautiful forest complete with monkeys that provide real family togetherness!  we always feel that we learn more than we teach. This is an incredible culture with strong families. 


2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4227

2008-11-15 Kuala Lumpur 4235


This terrific mom who was here four years ago when we did a seminar for their YPO chapter drove all the way from Singapore to be with us.  How lucky we are to be up close and personal to this fascinating culture full of great families! 

Just look at these great kids learning about the nine animals from the Book of Nurturing:

 2008-11-15 kids in KL 4248



2008-11-15 kids in KL 4249

2008-11-15 kids in KL 4252 

A great time was had by all!


Kuala Lumpur Families

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