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3 steps to Teaching Your Children Values

Here are 3 simple steps to help you teach your children 12 essential values:

  1. At the beginning of each month, parents listen to a 30-40 minute “methods discussion” by the Eyres which gives them dozens of stories, games, and other ideas and fun techniques for teaching that month’s value to their children.
  2. Each month the kids listen to the adventure for that month — an exciting and dramatic narration called Alexander’s Amazing Adventures — which gives them a powerful “vicarious experience” with that month’s value. (You can also download Alexander’s Amazing Adventures from to burn to CD or put on your phone or portable device to listen to on the go.)
  3. Review all the methods and activities listed under the “Value of the Month” section of the Members site. Then each week, spend a few minutes reviewing the months value with your children and do one of the activities, lessons, or stories from the “Value of the Month” section.

As your family focuses on a value for an entire month and as your children listen to Alexander’s experience with the same value, we know you will all look forward to next months value and you will be more aware of how these values bring joy into your home.

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