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Advanced SS&S Training (A Follow Up and Extension of The Happiness Paradigm)

If you are reading this, it probably means that you have finished The Happiness Paradigm and liked it enough to be interested in taking the concept, attitudes, and habits of Serendipity, Stewardship, and Synergicity to the next level—namely to the everyday application level.

Changing your core approaches to life—making the fundamental shift from the paradox of CO&I to the paradigm of SS&S is a major undertaking which will have ramifications in every part of your life, Because SS&S can apply to everything—there is SS&S eating, SS&S driving, SS&S communicating, SS&S goal-setting, SS&S parenting, SS&S marriage, SS&S vacations, SS&S gratitude, SS&S friendships, SS&S career paths, SS&S questions, SS&S entertainment, even SS&S sleeping!

If you want to go beyond the book, to dive deeply into the actual, practical application of the paradigm, you have two options: One is to participate in a webinar that we call—a little tongue in cheek—“The Post-Graduate Interactive Course on the Life-Wide Application of SS&S.”

The second option is more intense, so for fun we call it “The Post-Doctoral, In-Person Small Group Coaching on SS&S.” These are very selective small groups that come together at our Park City home for a long weekend where we combine skiing and other outdoor activities with some very in-depth coaching on SS&S living. These sessions are open only to people who have read the book and completed either an SS&S Webinar or a private phone conversation with me.

The cost of the four-part SS&S webinar is $100 per session (4 in all) and they are scheduled according to the number of sign-ups, so the first thing that will happen when you respond will be to put you on the waiting list in order of when you inquired.

The cost of the private coaching depends on the size of your group and other factors.

In either case, please contact me and send me a brief overview of your interest, your background, and whether you are inquiring for a group or just for yourself or your family individually. It would also be helpful if you briefly related what parts of the book were most relevant to you and indicated on which parts you would most appreciate further training or coaching.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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