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May 28, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #9: Focus On One Value Each Month

Most parents know that the best protection and the best legacy they can give their children is to teach them good values.

A few years back we were privileged to write a book called Teaching Your Children Values which was published by Simon and Schuster. Oprah loved the book, and along with Donahue, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, and Prime Time Live, she catapulted the book to #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list–the first parenting book in 50 years to top the list!

The thing Oprah liked, and the thing readers continue to like, is the simple format. It outlines 12 universal values that all parents want to teach their children and gives methods stories, and activities to teach it. But perhaps the most important thing it does is to suggest that families focus on one of the values each month. It’s this focus that makes each value effective!

This week’s parenting tip is to focus on one value each month. For a list of the values we suggest and for ideas on how to implement this year long program:

Value of the Month Alexander Series Video Article Podcast

May 21, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #8: Mommy Dates, Daddy Dates

The most important and consequential parenting is one-on-one, one parent with one child, and Mommy dates and Daddy dates are an awesome way to be sure this kind of individual attention happens regularly (and they’re also great fun!). The basic idea, of course, is to give a child your full attention and focus during a little outing that could range from a special evening together to picking him/her up from school to go to lunch together.

For more how-to detail on this idea:

Article Podcast Video

May 14, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

Top Ten Parenting Ideas #7: The Ancestor Story Book

The Ancestor Story Book is a way of giving your children identity and resilience by teaching them more about the lives and stories of their grandparents and great-grandparents. Studies show that the more kids know about their ancestors, their genetics, their heritage, the more secure they feel and the more immune they are to peer pressure. Write down the stories you know, in age-appropriate language for your kids—put the stories in an “Ancestor Book” and let your kids illustrate the stories. These will become your children’s favorite bedtime stories!

For more how-tos on this idea:

Video Article Podcast 1 Podcast 2

May 7, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

The Power of Grandparenting

We take a short break from the top ten parenting tips this week so that we can focus on grandparenting. Grandparents can make such a difference, and as you know from our last social media post, we just released two books called Being a Proactive Grandfather and Grandmothering.

One key message of both books is that parents and grandparents need to sit down together and discuss the helps and inputs and assistance parents would welcome from the grandparents. Taking this kind of teamwork approach, with grandparents acknowledging that the parents are in charge and they are the “supporters” and “supplementers” can be wonderful for the kids and wonderful for the relationship and trust between parents and grandparents–and this is true whether you have one grandchild or 31 like we do.

For more how-to specifics and an additional array of insights on grandparenting:

Article 1 Article 2 Podcast 1 Podcast 2

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