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Uncategorized We’re checking into the Valuesparenting blog this week from the great country of Australia! We have an actual “vacation” for about two weeks and then we will begin a speaking tour of Australia and China, which we are looking forward to with great...
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Freezing Time

Uncategorized Here is an article by the Eyre’s second daughter Shawni, mother of five, that we think you’ll enjoy: The other day I finally got myself (and my two at-home-during-the-day kids) to the mall for some post-Christmas returns and exchanges. It wasn’t fun....
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A Magnificent Mexican Christmas!

Uncategorized Since this was a Christmas when our married children with their little ones would not be arriving at our house until after Christmas, we decided to take our single children Josh, Talmadge, Eli and Charity on a service expedition to Mexico. The expedition was organized...
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