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April 20, 2008

From Canada to the Caribbean to San Antonio, we send greetings!


Richard and I are back on the road again, meeting with the fascinating families of the world!  In Canada we enjoyed a morning seminar with the Entrepreneurs Organization and loved meeting such fine families in ‘Toronto and Winnepeg.  We so love learning about the places we visit and realizing again and again that no matter where you live, families want the same thing:  Happiness, Value-driven, Secure kids! 

2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 028 

From there we went on a speaking cruise through the Caribbean! Again we met families who, as is always the case, love their children dearly but understand that they may not be what they had dreamed they would be.  One mother told of three children each with their own serious issues…some physical disabilities and others with mental issues.  Others had children who had wandered from the nest in the opposite direction than they had pointed.  Others had children who were delightfully normal while trying to figure out how to deal with "the one" who needed extra help with a genetic disability!  

How we love these amazing parents who spend so much of their time and energy trying to figure out how to help a child become his/her best self no matter what the obstacles and no matter what it takes! 

2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 046


Though our cruise included a couple of speeches, we enjoyed immensely being with our three oldest daughters for days at a time!  Having left twelve children in the care of husbands, friends, brothers, in-laws, babysitters and a combination of all of them we enjoyed four days on the Western Caribbean, catching up, talking about books and feelings and things we had learned.  We spent meals talking about our happiest and hardest experiences in the past year and grew together in ways only adult children can identify with!  As much as we love our grandchildren, it was a such a pleasure for us to have them all to ourselves and they luxurated in not having to prepare meals and deal with the inevitable crisis of raising children!

2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 032     2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 036 2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 039

We visited the ancient ruins of Mesoamerica and loved what we learned about them.  How we loved meeting some of the locals on Belize.  We met a young mother of 28 with four children including identical twin girls.  The oldest was seven and her husband had died a year earlier so she was struggling along on her own!  Beautiful school children also crowded around us and were delighted to have their pictures taken as long as we showed them the results on our cameras. Ah, children speak the universal language: laughter! 

2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 076 2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 074 2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 075 

2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 0612008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 054 2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 052

Saren and Saydi stayed aboard the ship but Shawni, who needed to get back to her family and Richard and I left from the airport there.  We were to speak in San Antonio at a fun conference called the Texas Round Up!  Again we saw terrific families.  Our two sons who live in New York City flew in to add to our presentation with their own. How fun it was to see them in action!  Now we’re on our way home to finish a thousand last minute details for the forthcoming wedding of our youngest son.  The famous Eli (any of you who have hear us speak will know what we mean) is tying the knot on May 2nd!  Here we are amongst a mountain of invitations. Eli did stand by the drop box at the Post Office for few minutes realizing that there was no going back but Julie is fabulous and couldn’t be a better partner.  We are so excited for them!  On to the wedding!

2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 024  2008-04-20  Recital,cruise,SA 025

April 7, 2008

Keep Reminding Yourself of How Much Fun You’re Having!

Our job is probably one of the most interesting and fun jobs in the world! Richard and I get to travel widely meeting the wonderful families of the world. As many of you who have been following this blog know, we have recently returned from a five week trip to Australia and China. There we found to be true what we realize every time we do an extended trip overseas: no matter where people live…Europe, Asia, India, the Middle East, or across the street, parents want the same things for their children. They want them to have integrity, to be happy, to be honest, courageous, respectful and full of love. They want them to internalize healthy values.

Having said that, lifestyles of families, whether it be because of the weather, traditions or the government, are vastly different. In China we found that wealthy parents were often sending their children away to boarding schools in the U.S., Australia or England. Sometimes the children are only about ten years old. Some parents wait until middle school and many send them for high school. As hard as that sounds to me, who loves teenagers and wouldn’t miss a day of that fun high school experience for anything (well I guess there are some days here and there that would be fun to miss), the parents are in touch daily by phone, email and sometimes even video conferencing.

On the other hand, in Australia parents laugh about the fact that their children never leave home. They have a terrific school system from elementary through college and they say that there is just no reason for them to leave home. When we asked what they do when they get married, they laugh and say that they just find a good spouse who moves right in as well. Although that is an exaggeration, it did teach us, once again how diverse cultures can be. In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia teenage girls can’t drive…ever…and have to rely on drivers to get them where they want to be.

Last week in Toronto where we again found cultural differences, even with our neighbors just across the border, we ended our seminar with the challenge to remember how much fun they are having with their parenting. There was a visible “ah-ha” feeling in the audience as they followed up with questions and comments about how difficult their job as parents is! Comments like “you wouldn’t think I was having much fun as I struggled to get the kids out the door to school this morning” or “I hadn’t thought about having fun…I’m just in survival mode,” came to us over and over again.

Looking back on thirty eight years of parenting, I realize that the times I remember, other than a few crazy days like when we left four year old Eli at airport or sixteen year old Jonah was hit by a car while running across the street to the high school, were the fun times! When we get together for reunions we talk about the fun we experienced together, not only on family trips but also hauling rocks at Bear Lake in the summer.

Still, on the day-to-day, it’s hard to remember how much fun you’re having! Parenting is a grueling job. Every day contains at least one and sometimes multiple crisis. Kids go through stages that drive us crazy including the frustration of potty training, kids crawling in bed with us in the night when we’re too tired to get up and “put them back” and we feel as though we’ve been sleeping in a washing machine all night. Kids are sometimes disrespectful, disobedient and strong-willed. Some have learning disabilities and others have friends that aren’t good influences. The list goes on and on.

BUT the bottom line is that no matter how hard it is, there are always those moments each day that remind you that you’re having fun. Look for them and rejoice in the moment because this time with your children will come only once! Every day is different and even as you try to internalize important values in your own children on the day-to-day, you are moving toward the time when…hopefully…you will have worked your way out of a full time job (whether you have another job or not) and your kids will be off to their own lives. They will always be there but you won’t get that thoroughly used up feeling at the end of the day. In fact you’ll think back on these days almost as a dream.

Make those days a good dream by remembering, no matter where you live and even amidst the every-day mayhem of your own family culture, that you really are having fun!

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