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May 20, 2009

Joy School Graduations!


Since there are Joy School graduations going on all over the world, I thought it would be fun to post our daughter Saydi’s thoughts and some pictures of her own Joy School Graduation!  This is a little Boston crew:


"We had Joy School graduation last week, and boy, somehow over the past year these little girls have really grown up and got JOY. I love these girls (and luckily Charlie, our honorary member, has learned to behave himself more gentlemanly around them)."



"To her credit, I think Hazel really got the joy school concepts, and I love the Joy School concepts. I love the idea that kids should learn these important emotional skills before being pushed into the academic world of school. Joy School has given us a common language to talk about important things, things that she’ll hopefully draw on her entire life. I also love that Joy School has given Hazel a relationship with some amazing women. The other mom’s who taught with me have taught both of us so much. And I love that Joy School has taught me that I can do cool, crafty things with my kids. The lessons forced me to do things that I wouldn’t muster up the creativity or energy to do if I didn’t have it pushing me along."

Joy School does rock. (But I’m glad it’s over for now.)



May 18, 2009

Fun on the Road

Two weeks ago we hit the road again and had a wonderful time with parents in Fort Worth on my birthday!

2009 April 15 Westridge,  Birthday, Fort Worth 007 

2009 April 15 Westridge,  Birthday, Fort Worth 006

Next it was on to Washington D.C. where we had so much fun seeing our Ukrainian Family and our dear friends from our neighborhood who have accepted a volunteer position there to take care of the Visitor’s Center for the Temple there.  It was so fun to speak with a large audience bustling with enthusiasm about raising their families! 

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 005

We were inspired by a beautiful song from these magnificent singers to start the evening off. This young man is our daughter’s age.  His mother and I used play in a string quartet together when we lived in D.C. and this guy was one of the babies crawling through our music stands which we were holding steady with our feet while trying to concentrate on playing!  Where did that time go???

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 007 

On to Toronto…where Costco sells milk in plastic bags! 

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 010

Richard’s brother lives there with his wife. They are there on a volunteer assignment for our church. We had such fun talking to local ecclesiastical leaders and two large seminars, giving tips on raising responsible children!  This group was especially interested in helping teenagers navigate a chaotic world!

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 008


What a great time we had speaking at the marvelous science center in Toronto!  YPO Families brought their kids from 5-12 and we had so much fun teaching them about a secret family code! 

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 001 

And how to teach kids to make "Decisions in Advance"

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 005

Again we found wonderful , committed parents!

2009 April 29  DC and Canada 008

Well, somebody had to do it so we just went ahead and did a Couple’s Seminar on a Pink Sand Beach on Harbor Island in the Bahamas!

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 023

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 033

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 038

In our committed couples was the owner of the Pink Sands Resort with his darling wife, both of whom are creative, totally committed parents! 

2009, May 3 Harbor Island Bahamas 003

There’s nothing quite like the aqua waters of the Caribbean. What a refreshing treat.  Now we are back to "barely spring" of our mountain home in Park City!

May 8, 2009

New Links to Media Appearances

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY TO OUR AMAZING VALUESPARENTING MOMS!  The launch of this our new book has been so fun.  Maybe the only thing more fun that have kids is to write a book with one of those kids about your dearest passion…MOTHERING! 


Richard and I have been on a two week speaking tour, which will show up in the blog next week, but for now, I thought you might like to have these links posted on our daughters’ blog about the media things that have been going out this last week before Mother’s Day. 


If there is anything I am truly uncomfortable with, it’s self-promotion, but because we feel that this has become a great cause to help donate to research for Lucy’s needs with this newly diagnosed Bardet-Biedl Syndrome, Shawni and I are unashamedly letting it all hang out!  Here is the information posted by Shawni. Thanks for all your support and love through this difficult time for the Pothier Family:


book links


I don’t know why I’m actually putting these links on this blog because of two things:
1) my mouth is still crooked and I mumble
2) I have a bad haircut
BUT who cares…I still want to get the word out about this book and my cause.
So here you go:
Click here for the Studio 5 clip. (photography tips to capture kids)
Click here for more at Meridian Magazine
Click here for a Deseret News article
And click here for a podcast with my great friend Paige and her friend Gretchen who started this big deal "Mommycast" thing. Thanks so much for that you guys!
And click here to buy this book for your Mom or sister or friend or daughter for Mother’s Day!
I also just want to thank from the bottom of my heart those who have posted this info. on their blogs and sent e-mails to spread the word. I can’t thank you enough. All your help has helped this book get up to #4 on the top selling books which is so great. I’m feeling so empowered with helping our "cause" and trying to help empower mothers in the greatest "career" we will ever have.

May 5, 2009

Free and Fabulous New Website for Moms Just in Time for Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to Our Valuesparenting Family!
One of the most unique components of the new book that our daughter Shawni and I (Linda) just released (A Mother’s Book of Secrets, Keys to Making Motherhood More Manageable, Meaningful and Magnificent) is a wonderful new website, just lauched for Mother’s Day by our oldest daughter Saren who is a passionate banner-carrier for Mothers in need of some inspiration and mental stimulation to BE the best they can.  With a click to, mothers who have read the book and have realized that they have a secret or two of their own they would like to share, can add to the pool of useful and inspirational secrets by just clicking on the picture of the cover of the book.  


Saren and several wonderful, resourceful and insightful friends who are accomplished women and outstanding Mothers have organized and are "manning" this unique new website that will help you become the mom you’ve always wanted to be.  The Power of Moms is designed to uplift and empower moms and offer them a new level of purpose and joy in motherhood and womanhood
The Mission of The Power of Moms:

  • Developing YOU – the person inside the mom (through interactive articles, podcasts, webinars, etc.)
  • Providing effective resources to use with YOUR FAMILY
  • Helping you reach BEYOND your own home to learn and share with other mothers (through contributing your own writing and ideas, setting up mothers’ groups, etc.)

Please check out the site by clicking HERE and SIGN UP for the free monthly email.  If you want to send an easy, free and meaningful Mother’s Day gift to your friends, send this information on to them or make up your own email and send them a link to the website.

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