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July 27, 2008

Summer Reunions Just Get Bigger and More Fun!


WOW!  We have had from 25-35 at our Bear Lake house for most of the month of July.  This week was our big family reunion and we have all 31-34 of us together for four days!  That’s about 100 meals a day which is pretty hard to keep up with but we’re having a fabulous time!  How fun it is to see the cousins together, tell ancestor stories and then visit their graves, go on hikes and just enjoy being together.  Because the Internet here is sketchy and slow I’m adding just a few pictures to give our Valuesparenting family a glimpse of what’s going on here.  More will come later when we get back home.  Hope you are all enjoying a wonderful summer or winter if you’re down under! 

2005--07-17  Bear Lake 010 

2005--07-17  Bear Lake 033

Here we are at Grandma Elizabeth Petersen Jacobson’s grave

She lost 5 children and walked 1000 miles pregnant once they got

to Nebraska!  What a SAINT!

2005--07-17  Bear Lake 039

A bouquet for Charity!

2005--07-17  Bear Lake 048

The end of a long hard day at Bloomington Lake for Isaac and Hazel!


2005--07-17  Bear Lake 046

Camden’s secret hiding place!

What fun summer is! 

July 8, 2008

The Fourth and “Our Tribe”

Another Fourth of July has come and gone again! Oh for the love of Home Town America!  How blessed we are to be living in a free country which we can only appreciate fully when we visit countries that don’t have that freedom! I count among my greatest blessings growing up in a little town in Southeast Idaho named Montpelier, near our beloved Bear Lake.  Farms and good folk reign!  One of the best little programs in America on the 4th of July is held in Paris, Idaho at the historic tabernacle that some of my forefathers helped to build over a hundred years ago. It was so great to feel that patriotic surge and to see the wonderful "salt of the earth" people there pouring their hearts in to their beautifully prepared program!

The parade is always a highlight. The oldest person in the valley is usually the Grand Naster of the Parade. This year his name was Junior!  Next is the Kids’ Rodeo where kids from 4 to 14 barrel race, ride sheep and catch chickens! /Amazing!  The fireworks around the lake, beginning at dark and going until midnight add the icing on the cake of an Independence day spectacular!

Our grandchildren then descended for the beginning of our family reunion which takes place most of July at Bear lake with the

epicenter being from July 23-27. Twelve of our 17 grandchildren are here with the others arriving shortly. More on that later.

 2005--07-08  grandkids 011

2005--07-08  grandkids 015

2005--07-08  grandkids 013 

2005--07-08  grandkids 006

2005--07-08  grandkids 001

2005--07-08  grandkids 019

2005--07-08  grandkids 020

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