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Happy Graduation!

We hope all you Joy Schoolers have had a wonderful joyful year! We know many of you are about to have or have just had graduations! Congratulations! Here’s our granddaughter Elsie’s graduation in Hawaii. Aloooooha!

The Power of Moms “big hit” and Retreat

We are sometimes mystified by the power of the Internet.  Sometimes it seems no one is out there and then suddenly we learn what it means when someone says, "it went viral"!  As those of you who follow Deseret News Blogs know that our oldest...

Dare to Dream

When people ask me if I meant to have nine children, I always shake my head with a look of dismay and say, “No, actually I meant to have 10 and I just couldn’t get that 10th one to “materialize”! In hindsight, I have realized that nine is fine!  I came from a...

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