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Uncategorized China! Home of nearly a fifth of the planet’s population (and certainly a higher percentage of its bicycles and its smog)! Unfortunately, we don’t have as much time in each speaking location as we did in Australia, so we rushed through Hong Kong, Shenzen,...
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Amazing Australia!

Uncategorized After almost a month in Australia, we are moving on to China! Our month here has been incredible. We’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing parents and families and to get new ideas as we passed a few on to them! Sydney was spectacular and we had so much...
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When Kidnapping was Legal

Uncategorized This is a picture of a picture from The Australian Newspaper which adds to the story below. The word referred to is “Sorry” and when you read the article below, you’ll see why:I am writing from Perth, Australia. As you may have read earlier in this...
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