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April 28, 2009

Interviews on A Mother’s Book of Secrets

Here are a couple of our radio interviews have aired since we did our media blitz a couple of weeks ago on our new book, A Mother’s Book of Secrets, in case you’d like to check them out:
Click here for the one with Steven Kapp Perry. (This is actually a page about his stuff, but there’s a place where you can click to listen to our interview.) Man, he is a great guy.
Click here for the one with Carol Makita. (You have to get past a couple ads before you get to us.) I really liked her too…and I want to start listening to her show "People of Faith." Very interesting.
And click here for a nice write-up about the book from Meridian Magazine.
If anyone out there has read the book we could really use some good reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Deseret Book websites. (Click on the names of the sites to go straight to them.) We’re so excited about this book and the good it can do to help with research and support for our little granddaughter Lucy (Shawni’s two year old). 

Here is the information on her:


Shawni’s youngest daughter, two-year-old Lucy pictured on the cover of this book was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called Bardet-Biedl. This means that, among other things Lucy will likely be legally blind sometime between her 9th and 15th year. This heartbreaking news has prompted us to donate a portion of the proceeds for this book to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a National Organization for Rare Disorders, a wonderful organization doing research to discover ways to intervene.

Passing this message on to other mothers (sisters, neighbors, married daughters or daughter-in-laws) will not only help us give more to this cause but with the power of the Internet, may also help us to get connected with moms dealing with similar issues. By clicking on you will go directly to the book where you can order at a 10% discount without having to go to the store.

Life is so fragile. How we appreciate your support!

April 23, 2009

Westridge Academy Gala

What fun we have once a year to be with the kids and excellent humanitarians at Westridge Acadamy. We have the opportunity to host their gala dinner to raise funds for teenagers who have lost their way! Many are addicted to drugs and alcohol and hate themselves coming into the academy. With the loving care of therapists, very fine teachers, loving board members (including my sister) and volunteers many of them turn their lives around and resume a life of contribution and love. Parents mortgage their homes to keep their kids there and literally “save their lives”!

It was profoundly moving to hear the stories of some of the graduates and to see the kids performing extraordinary original music with profound lyrics from their hearts! Hooray for Westridge Academy and those great friends who are supporting them!

2009 April 15 Westridge,  Birthday, Fort Worth 001

April 21, 2009

Another Insight to Mother’s Day!

A friend, Lori Radin, who is also in the business of celebrating motherhood has also published a book for Mother’s Day.  We thought you might like to see this information on her excellent new book:

It’s no secret that moms are the heartbeat of the family. What would we do without moms? On one special day, Mother’s Day, you are given permission to relax and let others take care of you. But one day out of 365 is simply not enough if you are going to be your best as a mom.

Managing your home, developing the character of your children, and being a successful leader of your own life is a big job, but you can do it well by making positive, healthy and balanced choices for yourself.

In response to a desire to support moms on their journey through motherhood, Lori Radun, certified life coach and founder of Momnificent!Ô has authored a brand new book for moms – The Momnificent!Ô Life ~ Healthy and Balanced Living for Busy Moms. The Momnificent!Ô Life is a self-help book that guides mothers in evaluating their personal goals and habits in eight areas of their lives and gives practical tips to women of all ages on how to improve their quality of life.

Examples, case studies and action items in each chapter make it an invaluable guide for today’s moms. Lori’s openness and conversational style gives readers the feeling they’re sharing “Aha!” moments with a friend while they’re learning how to live more fulfilling lives.

Follow this link to get lots of free gifts if you buy the book between now and the end of May. Top authors, teachers and thought leaders will be giving away their expertise for free – all to help celebrate moms and make your job a little bit easier.

Forward this email to all the moms you know, and don’t forget to get gifts for all the special moms in your life. You and they deserve to be appreciated!

Have a Momnificent Day!

April 14, 2009

Media Fun!

Shawni and I have had so much fun the past two days doing media for our new book for Mother’s Day, A Mother’s Book of Secrets. It was great to be with the great women at Good Things Utah! Shawni’s sisters-in-law Julie and Laurel showed up to support us! To see our “Four Minutes of Fame” go to

2009 April 10 Easter and MBSecrets 012

We loved our radio interview with Steve Kapp Perry. He’s is multi-talented, including doing much of the music for Alexander’s Amazing Adventures as well as being The Erodian!

2009 April 10 Easter and MBSecrets 027

A one hour interview with gracious Carol Makita will air on Sunday morning April 19th at 8 a.m.on KSL radio if any of you local Utahns happen to be up at that time!


We loved being with Doug Wright but forgot to take a picture! He has been such a good friend through the years! That show will air on KSL radio Sunday morning May 3rd.

2009 April 10 Easter and MBSecrets 022

Loyal friend forever…Maureen Matsen!



What could be more fun than signing books that you’ve written with your daughter at a book store? True, you don’t see throngs around us but so many beautiful friends and fans of Shawni’s blog ( came to buy books for every Mother they knew for Mother’s Day. How we appreciate the support we’ve been given on this fun book! We’re hoping that 20 secrets from a “seasoned mom”, along with20 secrets from the “Mom in the trenches” as well as 50 fabulous photographs by Shawni will be able to help some moms with the world’s most important job. They will also have a chance to add their own secrets at

For further information or to order a book that you’d like to have delivered go to:

April 6, 2009

Thought Replacement Therapy

Thoughts from Linda Eyre and Saren Eyre Loosli

I have been worried lately about a relative who has most everything one could want in life but who has a stressful job (at least he has a job) and always seems to be carrying an enormous burden. He claims that he just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It seems that not only unhappy feelings, but addiction and depression is at epidemic status! But, with all the bad news we have thrown at us every day, there is also some good news: you can change your mind! I am no therapist (except sometimes to my own children and I do what I can to help floundering parents) and certainly there are some people who have clinical depression and addictions that need professional help, but I’m just talking about dealing with the everyday, hard things that Mothers encounter.

A few years ago, when all our nine children were at home, I wrote a book called I Didn’t Plan to be a Witch, Although I meant it “with tongue in cheek,” it was certainly a true statement! I often did become a witch when all those “down and dirty” things that every mom deals with came at me all at once! I loved my children and my idiosyncratic, hyperactive husband. I was living the life I had pleaded for but I can clearly remember thinking, “Life is not intended to be lived this way! How can I survive dealing with a new crisis every hour?”

Last night, as I was thinking about this I stumbled on to a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson (I must admit that I haven’t read his works since high school) that expresses those same feelings. It is called “The Two Voices”. It starts out by saying:

A still small voice spake unto me,

“Thou art so full of misery,

Were it not better not to be?

Then to the still small voice I said;

“Let me not cast in endless shade

What is so wonderfully made.”

The poem goes on for about twenty five pages pointing out the two voices that are always in our minds…one is full of wonder, the other full of misery….often there was more misery than wonder!

Interestingly, this morning I read a new blog entry from our oldest daughter Saren, who has been thinking along those very same lines. Her thoughts exactly portray the feelings that so many of us have, as we let our thoughts carry us away to a place we don’t want to be: (where was this child when I needed her?)

She says, “Just like many women need ‘hormone replacement therapy” to help them feel more “even” as they age, most people (especially women, it seems) need to adopt some “thought-replacement therapy” to feel not just more “even” but more happy. I should be happy. I have every wonderful thing I ever dreamed of in so many ways – a handsome, good, kind, smart, patient husband, 5 beautiful, fun, sweet kids, a lovely home, opportunities to use my talents in many directions, a great extended family… But I feel unhappy a lot of the time. And I feel like I’ve finally more fully put my finger on why. It’s my thoughts. And I have the power to change them.”

“I often feel frustrated and angry and down. I don’t need to feel these things nearly as much as I feel them. I can control these feelings. We live in this world where people are always blaming all the problems they have on how they were brought up or what their nature is or what has happened to them in their lives. But really, our happiness or sadness comes from the way we THINK about what happens more than from the actual happenings in our lives. We cannot choose what happens to us in some instances, but we can always choose what we THINK about things – if we learn to control our thoughts, that is.”

“I recently read an article that pointed out that you can’t just try to NOT think about something – you can’t replace something with nothing in your head. To really get rid of a negative thought, you have to replace it with a new thought – and you have do that again and again until your thought processes become permanently altered – until your negative rut is replaced by a new, positive rut.”

“So this week, I wrote down a list of the negative thoughts that pop up in my head way too often – and came up with new thoughts that I’m going to use to replace those negative thoughts with. So far, it’s working pretty well. When the thought “wow, these kids are driving me crazy” pops into my mind, I replace that with “this moment will pass and I have great kids.” When the thought “what in the world is my husband doing?” pops into my head, I replace it with “I’m sure he is doing his best as always.” When the thought “I feel so overwhelmed” comes into my mind, I replace it with “OK, what’s the next small thing on my list that I need to do – I’ll just do that one thing for now.” And you know what? It’s really helping. I’m getting better at replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts. And I’m realizing how often I do think negative thoughts and how poisonous that is to my happiness.”
“I want to be happy. I should be happy. But to be happy, I have to CHOOSE it, with my thoughts as well as with my actions. This will be a long battle in my mind between the negative and the positive thoughts. But the positive ones will triumph!”

I thought what she said was truly profound! Don’t we all entertain negative thoughts that we can turn to the positive if we just are ready with a replacement? The challenge this month as the earth is “reborn” to change ourselves as well by using “thought replacement therapy” when those negative thoughts creep in!

Tennyson ends his poem as he walks through the wonders of nature in a forest:

I wonder’d while I paced along:

The woods were fill’d so full with song,

There seem’d no room for sense of wrong

So variously seem’d all things wrought,

I marvell’d how the mind was brought

To anchor by one gloomy thought;

And wherefore rather I made choice

To commune not with that barren voice,

Thank him that said, “Rejoice, rejoice!”

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