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Shawni and I have had so much fun the past two days doing media for our new book for Mother’s Day, A Mother’s Book of Secrets. It was great to be with the great women at Good Things Utah! Shawni’s sisters-in-law Julie and Laurel showed up to support us! To see our “Four Minutes of Fame” go to

2009 April 10 Easter and MBSecrets 012

We loved our radio interview with Steve Kapp Perry. He’s is multi-talented, including doing much of the music for Alexander’s Amazing Adventures as well as being The Erodian!

2009 April 10 Easter and MBSecrets 027

A one hour interview with gracious Carol Makita will air on Sunday morning April 19th at 8 a.m.on KSL radio if any of you local Utahns happen to be up at that time!


We loved being with Doug Wright but forgot to take a picture! He has been such a good friend through the years! That show will air on KSL radio Sunday morning May 3rd.

2009 April 10 Easter and MBSecrets 022

Loyal friend forever…Maureen Matsen!



What could be more fun than signing books that you’ve written with your daughter at a book store? True, you don’t see throngs around us but so many beautiful friends and fans of Shawni’s blog ( came to buy books for every Mother they knew for Mother’s Day. How we appreciate the support we’ve been given on this fun book! We’re hoping that 20 secrets from a “seasoned mom”, along with20 secrets from the “Mom in the trenches” as well as 50 fabulous photographs by Shawni will be able to help some moms with the world’s most important job. They will also have a chance to add their own secrets at

For further information or to order a book that you’d like to have delivered go to:

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