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Alexander’s 12 Amazing Adventures

Alexander’s quest begins with the value Honesty, the foundation for all other values. The adventures ends with the concluding value of Justice and Mercy. Below is the order we suggest because it lines up with the value of the month on this website, but the 10 values between Honesty and Justice and Mercy can really be listened to in any order.

Honesty (Free Initial adventure – Listen to this one first)

Loyalty and Dependability (January)

Respect (February)

Love (March)

Unselfishness and Sensitivity (April)

Kindness and Friendliness (May)

Courage (August)

Peaceability (September)

Self-reliance and Potential (October)

Self-discipline and Moderation (November)

Fidelity and Chastity (December)

Justice and Mercy (Concluding adventure – Listen to this one last)

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