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How can we teach our children to develop the inner strength and confidence that is bred by exacting truthfulness, trustworthiness, and integrity? How can we help our children avoid the common childhood tendencies to stretch the truth, to exaggerate, to rationalize, and to tell the little lies that often lead to bigger ones? Can small children develop the early integrity that will help them become honorable, dependable adults? Can elementary-age kids learn the direct, look-you-in-the-eye truthfulness that will win them respect and confidence? Can adolescents communicate candidly with parents?

Honesty is the foundation value for all other values and the introductory unit of this series. In the parents’ discussion, Linda and Richard Eyre overview the importance of teaching values in the home and then present tried and proven methods for teaching honesty to preschool, elementary-age and adolescent-age children.

In Alexander’s Amazing Adventures, Alexander’s adventures begin. Through music, drama, and sound effects, young Alex time travels from his schoolroom to the ancient country of Inland where he is the lost prince. There, guided by “The Lightkeeper” and his tortoise companion, Theo, he learns that honesty can save the day. Back in his classroom he finds that honesty works just as well in the real world.

Teaching Methods:


For Preschoolers (3-5)

For Elementary Age (5-12)

For Adolescents (12-18)


Listen to the parent discussion

Listen to the adventure


These files can be burned to CD or transferred to your mobile device.

Parent discussion in mp3 format

Adventure in mp3 format

Adventure in audiobook format (With this file, it will always play from where you left off. It will show up under audiobooks on your device.)


Who Are You? (Download)

Little Lies (Download)

Alligator Lunch (Download)

The Only Way Out (Download)

Tell the Truth (Download)

One Word (Download)

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