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Loyalty and Dependability

  • To family, employers, country, church, schools, and other organizations and institutions to which commitments are made
  • Support, service, and contribution
  • Reliability and consistency in doing what you say you will do

In a world where flakiness, irresponsibility, and undependability cause so much frustration and where lack of loyalty and commitment causes so much heartache, how can parents raise dependable, loyal children? How can we help our kids remember and keep their commitments and their appointments and complete their assignments? Can they learn to recognize what needs to be done and to remember their family job, their homework, their music practice? Can they feel the identity and pride of real loyalty to family, to school, to friends?

Loyalty and Dependability are values of giving. They are gifts that we give to those we associate with and particularly to those we loyalty . . . and they are in short supply in today’s selfish world. In this month’s parenting discussion the Eyres present clear, workable methods for creating an atmosphere of loyalty and dependability in your home.

In this month’s adventure, Alexander is having a pretty hard time being dependable in his family until he is transported to Inland and meets somebody even less dependable than he is and learns that great treasures can be lost when someone is not loyal and dependable.

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