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February 26, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

Five Great Reasons to Get Divorced

The five most common reasons for divorce are also the five things couples need to communicate better about if they want their marriages to flourish and last.

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February 19, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

Life In Full: Advice for Baby Boomers

The “Autumn” of our lives can be our richest most joyous season. It is the time that our attitude and approach begins to determine both our longevity and our legacy.

Families get truly beautiful when they operate as three generation entities. If you are a baby boomer, these links are for you! If you are a younger parent, send these links along to your parents and invite them to follow us on social media (or teach them what social media is!)

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February 12, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

How Do I Save My Kids from Bad Choices?

The worst time for kids to make choices is in the midst of peer pressure. Parents can create forward-thinking case studies that help children make important decisions in advance—and write them down and commit to them before the peer pressure comes.

We can 8-14-year-old kids anticipate difficult choices about smoking or drugs, about recreational sex or riding with a drunk driver. We can do this by making use of what every child has—a good imagination. Three steps: 1. Get your child a special diary and designate the last pages for “decisions in advance.” 2. Explain that it is better to think things through before they happen so we are not caught off guard. 3. Ask the child what decisions he or she can make now, even though he has not faced them yet—and have him write those decisions in the journal and date and sign each one. 4. Make up stories or case studies about the child a few years out—describe situations where he will face peer pressure to make a bad choice and ask what he will say or do.

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February 5, 2018
Weekly Parenting Tip

How Do I Replace My Kids’ Entitlement with Grit?

Parents need to learn that we give our kids more by giving them less. To eliminate entitlement, start by replacing allowances with a “family economy” that teaches children how to earn, budget, save, and spend wisely.

When we give children money, or buy everything for them, they never feel the sense of real ownership because they did not work or give up anything for what they have. Thus, they do not value it or take care of their money or their things. It is not difficult to set up a family economy with a family bank in which kids have interest-bearing accounts with checkbooks and deposit slips; and to establish chores or responsibilities for which they are paid. They are then in a position to buy the things they want rather than beg for them, and to learn through hands-on experience how to save, and budget and even how to give to good causes. For a complete overview of how to set up such a system, visit the links

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