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September 18, 2011

Time Out for Women….Logan

What fun we had this weekend with our friends from Time Out for Women…henceforth known as TOFW! This isn’t the entire “cast” but we are so privileged to be on the same program at Utah State University with “Mercy River”, Emily Freeman, and Michael Wilcox!


Also our amazing friend Mariama Kolon who we learn from every time we hear her extraordinary story and her supportive friends who wear the most incredible clothing! Sweet Christiana on the left along with her husband and son from Ghana were Noah and Kristi’s dear friends at BYU. when they were in school together. They came to our home for Thanksgiving one year so it was a fun reunion. Such terrific people!



We met old and new friends and so many who have supported Dad and I through the years. Below is a mom (second from the right) with her daughters and daughters-in-law, there together enjoying their mom’s Christmas gift to them…tickets to TOFW.



Our supportive sister-in-law Karen came to be with us along with sensational Saren who missed our talk because she got stuck in the Logan Marathon traffic but enjoyed the rest of the day with us!


What could be more fun than going back to my alma mater and presenting a talk with our darling Shawni on the very stage where, as a music major I participated in countless concerts in orchestra and concert choir performances while I lived there for four years.  Never in a million years 40 years ago, could I have “thought up” this dream!

September 12, 2011

Deliberate Couples Produce Great Families


Isn’t it ironic that in order to drive a motorcycle, or operate a car you have to go through a long process of reading instructions, practicing and training, but to learn how to "drive" a marriage or to "operate" children there is basically no training and certainly no instruction manual?  Sure we can find help from counselors…at a huge cost when a marriage is in crisis or a child is out of control but why wait for that to happen? Spending the time to think about goals for our marriage relationships and to organize some specific, measurable family systems that will make it much less likely that we will need those counselors later is a crucial need! 
Last weekend, in order to help with that problem, held their first ever Retreat for couples.  The Power of Moms has held many wonderful Retreats just for moms but as they get ready to launch a companion website – "The Power of Families" – it was exciting to see them get going on working with dads AND moms who want to be Proactive Partners and Deliberate Parents!  An outstanding group of 80 parents arranged for grandparents, friends, neighbors and good samaritans to take their kids to soccer and baseball games, music lessons and choir practices so that they could feel the power of a lot of deliberate couples in the same room, figuring out how they can do their most important job as spouse and parent better!

The founders of Power of Moms, Saren Loosli (our daughter) and April Perry, along with their husbands Jared (who created their beautiful website with his magnificent mind educated at MIT) and Eric (a Harvard Business School graduate with ideas pouring out of his head) along with a little help from the Eyres had fun presenting ways to empower families.

On Friday night, attendees were given specific methods to get our to-do lists and goals, dreams and ideas in order through a program created by April called Mind Organization (based on David Allen’s international best-seller, Getting Things Done).  It was thought-provoking and freeing. Instead of feeling burdened by sometimes literally hundreds of projects, emails, calls and demands, April taught us how to feel the freedom of knowing what to do with all the opportunities, emails and papers that fly at us daily and how to prioritize in order to relieve the stress.

On Saturday, parents had the chance to discuss how to create better Partnerships in Parenting and were introduced to ways to set up Family Systems that work:  A Family Legal System (laws and discipline), a Family Economy (so crucial in today’s society filled with kids who feel entitled to have what they want right now without having to work for it) and how to create a Family Culture that helps kids feel pride in being part of something that is bigger than themselves and something that will last, even when they have left home.

It was an exhilarating weekend, not only for the attendees but also for Richard and I as we rubbed shoulders with so many good parents who are raising the next generation with power and purpose!

Eric and April presenting their ideas with Saren taking pictures in the background: 



Saren, April and Tiffany Sowby, the event organizer:


Two generations of deliberate parents! Megan Stewart and husband Wes came with Megan’s parents Bryce and Mary Croxford who still have young children of their own.


September 7, 2011

The Entitlement Trap

For authors, the birth of a new book is a little like the birth of a new child. You have waited for it for months, and you are so glad to finally have it here!

That is how we feel about the release of The Entitlement Trap.

The book is now in bookstores everywhere and selling briskly!

We are hoping to get it on the bestseller lists, because that is how so many people find out about books (by seeing them on the lists) and that alone will get the book into the hands of tens of thousands of parents who NEED it. And we see this book as a cause… a real answer to the biggest problem many families face–the entitlement attitudes of their kids!

Please pick up a copy for yourself, for your friends and family members, and anyone else you think needs it! Get it at your closest bookstore or buy it on line. Look at for more information. Barnes and Noble is a good place to buy because their price is reduced, and they report results which go into the determination of which books are on the bestseller lists!

Thanks for your support……and for joining us in our cause to eliminate entitlement attitudes and to save America economically……one family at a time!

September 2, 2011


Our fun give-away is over and the winners are below.  Thanks to all of you who participated by pre-ordering The Entitlement Trap and getting the free download of the honesty adventure in the Alexander’s Amazing Adventures series. We think your kids will love it! 

We so appreciate all our friends who are part of our Valuesparenting family and support us through all these crazy book adventures! “Selling” is not our thing so your support is treasured. One last thought: even though the give-away is over, The Entitlement Trap can still be purchased on Amazon HERE for $11.44 instead of $18 if you order before it debuts on September 6th.

Congratulations to our winners!

Premium Prize Winner
Julie Oliphant

Gold Prize Winner
Sarah Granata

Silver Prize Winners
Teri Ross
Amy Bjorkman
Barbara Christiansen
Larissa Call
Melanie Burgess Easthope
Angie Pegram
Lori Gertsch
Emily Rubino

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