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Time Out for Women….Logan

Uncategorized What fun we had this weekend with our friends from Time Out for Women…henceforth known as TOFW! This isn’t the entire “cast” but we are so privileged to be on the same program at Utah State University with “Mercy River”, Emily Freeman, and Michael Wilcox! Also our...
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The Entitlement Trap

Uncategorized For authors, the birth of a new book is a little like the birth of a new child. You have waited for it for months, and you are so glad to finally have it here!That is how we feel about the release of The Entitlement Trap.The book is now in bookstores everywhere and...
by Sep 7, 2011 2 Comments


Uncategorized Our fun give-away is over and the winners are below.  Thanks to all of you who participated by pre-ordering The Entitlement Trap and getting the free download of the honesty adventure in the Alexander’s Amazing Adventures series. We think your kids will love...
by Sep 2, 2011 1 Comment

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