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Our fun give-away is over and the winners are below.  Thanks to all of you who participated by pre-ordering The Entitlement Trap and getting the free download of the honesty adventure in the Alexander’s Amazing Adventures series. We think your kids will love it! 

We so appreciate all our friends who are part of our Valuesparenting family and support us through all these crazy book adventures! “Selling” is not our thing so your support is treasured. One last thought: even though the give-away is over, The Entitlement Trap can still be purchased on Amazon HERE for $11.44 instead of $18 if you order before it debuts on September 6th.

Congratulations to our winners!

Premium Prize Winner
Julie Oliphant

Gold Prize Winner
Sarah Granata

Silver Prize Winners
Teri Ross
Amy Bjorkman
Barbara Christiansen
Larissa Call
Melanie Burgess Easthope
Angie Pegram
Lori Gertsch
Emily Rubino

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