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For authors, the birth of a new book is a little like the birth of a new child. You have waited for it for months, and you are so glad to finally have it here!

That is how we feel about the release of The Entitlement Trap.

The book is now in bookstores everywhere and selling briskly!

We are hoping to get it on the bestseller lists, because that is how so many people find out about books (by seeing them on the lists) and that alone will get the book into the hands of tens of thousands of parents who NEED it. And we see this book as a cause… a real answer to the biggest problem many families face–the entitlement attitudes of their kids!

Please pick up a copy for yourself, for your friends and family members, and anyone else you think needs it! Get it at your closest bookstore or buy it on line. Look at for more information. Barnes and Noble is a good place to buy because their price is reduced, and they report results which go into the determination of which books are on the bestseller lists!

Thanks for your support……and for joining us in our cause to eliminate entitlement attitudes and to save America economically……one family at a time!

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