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What fun we had this weekend with our friends from Time Out for Women…henceforth known as TOFW! This isn’t the entire “cast” but we are so privileged to be on the same program at Utah State University with “Mercy River”, Emily Freeman, and Michael Wilcox!


Also our amazing friend Mariama Kolon who we learn from every time we hear her extraordinary story and her supportive friends who wear the most incredible clothing! Sweet Christiana on the left along with her husband and son from Ghana were Noah and Kristi’s dear friends at BYU. when they were in school together. They came to our home for Thanksgiving one year so it was a fun reunion. Such terrific people!



We met old and new friends and so many who have supported Dad and I through the years. Below is a mom (second from the right) with her daughters and daughters-in-law, there together enjoying their mom’s Christmas gift to them…tickets to TOFW.



Our supportive sister-in-law Karen came to be with us along with sensational Saren who missed our talk because she got stuck in the Logan Marathon traffic but enjoyed the rest of the day with us!


What could be more fun than going back to my alma mater and presenting a talk with our darling Shawni on the very stage where, as a music major I participated in countless concerts in orchestra and concert choir performances while I lived there for four years.  Never in a million years 40 years ago, could I have “thought up” this dream!

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