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Here are a couple of our radio interviews have aired since we did our media blitz a couple of weeks ago on our new book, A Mother’s Book of Secrets, in case you’d like to check them out:
Click here for the one with Steven Kapp Perry. (This is actually a page about his stuff, but there’s a place where you can click to listen to our interview.) Man, he is a great guy.
Click here for the one with Carol Makita. (You have to get past a couple ads before you get to us.) I really liked her too…and I want to start listening to her show "People of Faith." Very interesting.
And click here for a nice write-up about the book from Meridian Magazine.
If anyone out there has read the book we could really use some good reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Deseret Book websites. (Click on the names of the sites to go straight to them.) We’re so excited about this book and the good it can do to help with research and support for our little granddaughter Lucy (Shawni’s two year old). 

Here is the information on her:


Shawni’s youngest daughter, two-year-old Lucy pictured on the cover of this book was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome called Bardet-Biedl. This means that, among other things Lucy will likely be legally blind sometime between her 9th and 15th year. This heartbreaking news has prompted us to donate a portion of the proceeds for this book to the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a National Organization for Rare Disorders, a wonderful organization doing research to discover ways to intervene.

Passing this message on to other mothers (sisters, neighbors, married daughters or daughter-in-laws) will not only help us give more to this cause but with the power of the Internet, may also help us to get connected with moms dealing with similar issues. By clicking on you will go directly to the book where you can order at a 10% discount without having to go to the store.

Life is so fragile. How we appreciate your support!

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