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We hope our Valuesparenting family is enjoying a fun summer, whether you’re sizzling hot or soaking wet!  We got a letter this week from a reader in England and one in Indonesia. It is so inspiring to know that good parents all over the world are "tuned in" to Valuesparenting. 


Richard and I have spent the week in New York City with three of our sons who live there, along with two wonderful daughters-in-law. We were joined by another son from Arizona and we had a grand party!  It was so fun to be together but our first project was that of "construction crew" to help our son Noah finish remodeling their bathroom which he was doing to surprise his wife Kristi, who desperately wanted their dismal bathroom in their upper east side 450 square foot apartment finished by the time their new baby, due July 18th, arrived.  She had been visiting her mother for eight days in Houston with their little 2 1/2 year old son and our whole crew were feverishly working to get it finished by the time she arrived home last Wednesday!  Not only did Noah pull off the surprise with the bathroom, much to Kristi’s delight, but they also got another surprise at 4 a.m. this morning when Kristi’s water broke.  Luckily Uncle Josh was sleeping on the hide-a-bed on his vacation to New York City and Noah and Kristi caught a cab at 4:30.  At 7:19 a.m. Flibitgibit (Richard’s pet name for her while she was still inside) burst into the world after three pushes! We are floating on air!


Nine hours later Uncle Josh sent this picture of our new 7 lb. 8 oz. new little granddaughter!  Thought you’d like to have a peak at our 17th grandchild (our oldest is 11) with the 18th due in November. JOY! 

Here she is (official name still pending):

Flibitigibit 9 hours old

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