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Like you, we have been trying to keep our family well and safe during this crazy time, and trying to figure out what to do with kids who can’t go to school and with the extra time we have due to events and meetings and church services being canceled.

About the only possible silver lining to the whole situation could be some extra family time—if we can figure out how to use it well. Maybe this can be a time of introspection and family togetherness where we all slow down a little and focus on the thing that matters most anyway—our relationships with our kids and with each other.

We’ve been trying to think about how ValuesParenting could help with this kind of strategy during this time of unique needs (and maybe unique opportunities) and get materials and ideas to parents that will help make this extra time at home with our kids both fun and meaningful. We offer each of the following, all for free, including the first two units of the values program until April 30:

  1. The values series Alexander’s Amazing Adventures is immediately available. It is a series of audio adventures that will keep your kids interested and involved for hours and provide endless opportunities to talk together about 12 key values that all of us want our children to embrace. Until April 30, the first two adventures in the series are free.
  2. EyresFreeBooks brings 25 of our books instantly to your phone or computer for free and some of them may give you a chance to study and think about some aspects of your plan for your family.
  3. There are several free previews that we invite you to explore, including a “secret code” for better family communication and a dialogue for talking to your children about sex.
  4. Or, you might have time to work a little on setting up a family economy or a family legal system, or on reviewing and modifying your family traditions.
  5. You can follow us on Instagram @richardlindaeyre where we post on family relationships each Tuesday and a meditation on Christ each Sunday (because eternal families are the end and Christ is the means).
  6. You can Listen to us on our Eyres on the Road podcast every week on your favorite podcast app. The most recent edition is about finding the relationship-and-family-centered silver linings with this coronavirus situation.

Whether you are a parent or a grandparent, we hope, for your family as well as for ours, that we can turn this unexpected, more isolated time into a good opportunity for our own internal peace and for added closeness with our families.

All our best,
Richard and Linda

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