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Attitudes are remarkable things. They determine much of our success, our capacity, and our happiness. If we have attitudes that are negative or that cause us to prioritize the wrong things, or that are based on false premises, they undermine us and hold us back and make us unhappy. If we can switch to attitudes of truth, light, and spirituality, we can increase our ability to do well in the things that matter most and at the same time become much happier people.

When we wrote our newest book, The Happiness Paradox, we had one goal which was to replace three worldly, false and happiness-undermining attitudes with three spiritual, true and happiness-promoting attitudes. We wanted to get rid of the attitudes of Control, Ownership, and Independence and replace them with attitudes of Serendipity, Stewardship, and Synergicity.

The whole goal was to help people (including ourselves) be happier.

But there was an unexpected bonus: The three attitudes that lead to more happiness turn out to also be the three attitudes that make us better parents.
A Serendipity parent sees and listens to a child more carefully and helps in ways that a control parent can never do, a Stewardship parent respects a child and guides in inspired ways that an ownership parent can never know, and a Synergicity parent learns to work with others and find help in places that an independent parent can never imagine.

These attitude shifts can make all the difference. Learn more about how to adopt them and implement them by reviewing the tips for January 14, January 21, and January 28, and the following:

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