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Synergicity is a hybrid word that we made up, combining “synergy” and “synchronicity,” to mean the acceptance of one’s interdependence with others and dependence on God. It suggests that when we work in tandem and in commitment with a spouse, we can be, together, more than the sum of our parts. It suggests the connection and inter-relatedness of all people and all things, and it acknowledges that there is a natural timing to things that we need to learn to recognize and accept rather than always trying to make things happen on our own schedule. In essence, Synergicity is the opposite of Independence, and instead of saying “I can do everything myself and don’t need anyone else,” it says “I need others; I am interdependent and dependent, and I trust forces bigger than myself.”

One key goal of marriage should be a synergy partnership, especially in terms of how we parent our children, and finding the right timing and being able to sync our hopes with who our children really are can spell the difference between family fulfillment and family frustration.

This new word is fully explained in Richard Eyre’s new book, The Happiness Paradox, and it is also further elaborated in the article and podcast:

Article Podcast Book

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