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Weekly Parenting Tip

Ancestor Stories

Once again podcasting from England, the Eyres talk today on their Eyres on the Road podcast about their English ancestors,
Weekly Parenting Tip

Birth Stories

Joining us today on their podcast from the little village of Batheaston, in Somerset, England, Richard and Linda are in

Book Stories

One of the bookshelves in the Eyre’s library (the one just below the bust) contains a single copy of the
Weekly Parenting Tip

Prayerful Parenting

Lincoln said “Sometimes I am driven to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I have no place else to

Daily Thanks

Is there any time when it is more important to count our blessings than in a pandemic? Richard and Linda’s

Joy School Stories That Teach Values

During Joy School’s 40 years, some beautiful children’s stories have been written to teach the joy of wonder, of imagination,

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