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September 7, 2020

Book Stories

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One of the bookshelves in the Eyre’s library (the one just below the bust) contains a single copy of the first edition of each of their books–57 and counting. There are some interesting stories behind many of these books–how they came to be written, who published them, and what happened to make some of them bestsellers. On their latest Eyres on the Road podcast, Richard and Linda share some of these stories and talk about their upcoming trip to London to welcome their youngest daughter’s twins.


August 24, 2020

Daily Thanks

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Is there any time when it is more important to count our blessings than in a pandemic? Richard and Linda’s latest book, called Daily Thanks (coming out on September 15, but available now at Amazon, is designed to help us take a more deliberate approach to thanks-giving and to notice and appreciate the blessings we take for granted.

On their latest Eyres on the Road podcast, the Eyres give us twelve “gratitude challenges” that they guarantee will shift our focus from what’s wrong to what’s right. They begin the show with 5 questions: How has the pandemic changed 1. The world? 2. This country? 3. The Church? 4. Your family? and 5. You?


August 17, 2020

Joy School Stories That Teach Values

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During Joy School’s 40 years, some beautiful children’s stories have been written to teach the joy of wonder, of imagination, of simple goal setting, of honesty, of confidence, and each of the other “joys” or values that kids learn at Joy School.

About a year ago, an art and design-oriented publisher came to the Eyres and asked if they could publish 22 of those children’s stories in a beautiful anthology with custom illustrations by a noted Russian artist.

The result is this beautiful book that will be released in conjunction with the beginning of the new 2020-2021 Joy School year in September. If you preorder now, you can get this gorgeous book for 50% off the retail price ($10.99 plus shipping), or better yet, if you also purchase the Joy School curriculum, you can get a discount on the curriculum which essentially makes the book free! Plus, for each book you buy, a book will be donated to a child in need. When you get your receipt, simply forward it to us at, and we will send you a coupon for $15 off the full year of Joy School 2.0 curriculum! This will cover the price of the book and most if not all of the shipping.

To all who love Joy School (and all those who will love Joy School), this new Storybook will be a treasure!

Even if your children have not done Joy School, this book will delight and teach them, and if they have done Joy School, this book will be like an old friend coming home!

Listen to the latest Eyres on the Road podcast all about this exciting new children’s storybook.

Podcast Preorder the book

August 10, 2020

The 8 Myths of Marriaging

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“Marriaging” is an active, grow-and-improve word like parenting, and the Eyres’ latest book explores and exposes 8 myths or misconceptions about the world’s oldest institution of marriage and how false paradigms and unrealistic expectations of these myths can undermine a relationship. Most importantly, each myth is replaced with an “implementable” truth. On their Eyres on the Road podcast, Richard and Linda discuss the myths and announce the truths that can replace them.


August 3, 2020

The Happiness Paradox/The Happiness Paradigm

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The paradox is that the three things we think will bring us happiness actually suck happiness out of our lives. This two-sided book is the most complete treatment of Richard’s paradigm shift from CO&I–Control, Ownership, and Independence to SS&S–Serendipity, Stewardship, and Synerticity. This is a unique two cover book with one side outlining the shortcomings and frustrations of a life devoted to CO&I. When it is flipped over, the other side takes us on a deep exploration of the ways SS&S can add happiness to our lives. Listen to the Eyres’ discussion of the new paradigm on the latest Eyres on the Road podcast, and get the gook for 40% off.

Podcast Discounted Book (Code: FRIEND)

July 27, 2020

Being a Proactive Grandfather

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Despite the fact that most grandparents say that their grandkids are the best part of their lives, very little has been written on how to be a better, more influential grandparent. Most of what has been written is by grandmothers to grandmothers (Linda’s book on grandmothering was discussed on last week’s show). But that all changed with a new book by Richard Eyre–a man-to-man book, a grandfather to grandfather book that draws us in through its stories, its logic and it’s practicality. The Eyres discuss the book on their latest Eyres on the Road podcast with Linda doing the interviewing and Richard explaining what it means to be a proactive grandfather.


July 20, 2020


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On Mother’s Day 2018, Linda Eyre’s long-awaited book on GRANDmothering was finally published, and it has been warming the cockles of every grandma’s heart who has read it, opening up a treasure trove of new and practical ideas to create a love affair with grandkids and to become relevant and involved and influential in their lives even as you work on building your own greatest legacy. The Eyres discuss it on their latest Eyres on the Road podcast


July 13, 2020

Poems About Family and Favorites

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While Richard Eyre’s profession over the last 30 years has been the writing of prose, his true love over that timespan has been the writing of poetry. As his readers know, poetry has crept briefly into many of his previous books, but now, for the first time, a full book of Richard’s poetry is available. “Poetry comes from a different part of the brain,” Richard says, “and it enters a different part of the brain when it is read.” Poetry is the language of emotion, and these poems, mostly about family and about favorites, will draw emotions from you in ways that will surprise and delight.


July 6, 2020

Tennis and Life

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Tennis scholarships paid Richard’s way through college and today, he says, the game keeps him from “going to pot”. As a nationally ranked senior player, he cherishes tennis as the one game he can still beat his kids at and also as “the best metaphor of any sport for the game of life.” (The only game where the score starts over every few minutes, the game where you have to get to “advantage” before you can win, and the game that keeps score with words like “love” and “deuce” and “serve” and “receive”).

Over the years, he has collected various lessons that the game of tennis has taught him that can be applied with equal relevance to life at large, and recently published them in the book Tennis and Life. The “30 lessons that work in both games”–tennis and life, are presented there with a split-page format where each lesson is applied to tennis on the left-hand page and to life on the right. Whether you play both the game of tennis and the game of life or only play one of them, this book will stimulate your desire to get better.

In their Eyres on the Road podcast this week, Richard and Linda review the book and how its lessons can help parents and marriage partners.


June 29, 2020

The Half Diet Diet

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After Dr, Bridell’s Rational Diet was serialized in Meridian Magazine and drew comments and commendations from thousands of readers, it was decided to reveal the identity of the mysterious Dr. Bridell who turned out to be none other than Richard Eyre. Richard had used the pen name because he wanted the revolutionary half-diet to stand on its own merits, but after the amazing results reported by users (literally tons of weight lost), it was time for Richard to come out of hiding.

So the book was revised and expanded and became The Half Diet Diet and was published as the Eyres’ 44th book. This unique and logical approach to dieting is also a study in other kinds of appetites and a set of spiritual insights about how to win in our struggle against each of them. On the latest edition of the Eyres on the Road podcast, Richard and Linda talk about the diet, and how it can apply to all of our appetites, including our appetite for screen time and technology.


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