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Tennis scholarships paid Richard’s way through college and today, he says, the game keeps him from “going to pot”. As a nationally ranked senior player, he cherishes tennis as the one game he can still beat his kids at and also as “the best metaphor of any sport for the game of life.” (The only game where the score starts over every few minutes, the game where you have to get to “advantage” before you can win, and the game that keeps score with words like “love” and “deuce” and “serve” and “receive”).

Over the years, he has collected various lessons that the game of tennis has taught him that can be applied with equal relevance to life at large, and recently published them in the book Tennis and Life. The “30 lessons that work in both games”–tennis and life, are presented there with a split-page format where each lesson is applied to tennis on the left-hand page and to life on the right. Whether you play both the game of tennis and the game of life or only play one of them, this book will stimulate your desire to get better.

In their Eyres on the Road podcast this week, Richard and Linda review the book and how its lessons can help parents and marriage partners.


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