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On this week after Mothers’ Day, the Eyres pay tribute to Moms and their elegant fulfillment of the hardest job in the world. Linda wrote a book a few years back, with their daughter Shawni, called A Mothers Book of Secrets, and the book becomes an outline for the latest episode of the Eyres on the Road podcast.

First, Mothers need to look for light in the trenches, and find the golden moments amidst the turmoil and fatigue. Second, Moms have to have an Organized Offense and a plan instead of just reacting. Third, Mothers need to analyze their children and try to understand what each needs. Fourth, Moms should understand that kids are like puzzles and we never find all the pieces at once, and Fifth, Mothers need to find ways to give their children ownership of their clothes, their toys, their conflicts, and their choices.

Of course, every mom is different, every family is different, and every child is different, but with divine guidance, all mothers can find the unique joy of their preeminent role. The Eyres suggest that honoring and being grateful for mothers should not end the day after Mother’s Day but rather begin a year-long appreciation for mothers throughout the world.


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