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As we all live through the transition of this pandemic, let’s think for a minute about another kind of transition that all families have or will go through.

Both parents and children undergo a profound transition when children leave the home. As a child heads out for college or for a mission or for a job, he or she is still part of the family, but no longer a part of the household. How that transition is made, and how much thought goes into it will have a lasting effect on family relationships and on how close and committed the family is for decades to come.

In their Eyres on the Road podcast this week, the Eyres talk about how parenting changes but does not diminish in importance as kids leave home. Having a plan for that transition–deliberately thinking through how you will communicate and finding the balance between independence and interdependence can make your relationship grow stronger rather than weakening when you no longer live together. Richard and Linda review dozens of questions that parents ask about the empty nest phase, and then they share the Eyre family’s “Constitution” that they put together with their leaving-the-nest kids in which they came to some agreements for their ongoing social, emotional, financial, and spiritual relationships for the future.

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