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During this time of isolation and quarantine, while many of us have more time with our children than ever before (which can sometimes seem like a blessing and sometimes like a curse) the Eyres have a challenge for us: Use a little of this “extra time” to have some very important and special individual talks with our children about sex and intimacy.

On their most recent Podcast, (Eyres on the Road–on all Podcast apps) Richard and Linda give us an actual, proven dialogue that has been used by tens of thousands of parents to give their children a positive yet protective view of sex. They suggest several preliminary discussions leading up to “the big talk” which ideally happens when a child turns eight (but with variations for use when kids are a bit older). Parents who have “the talk” will find that it opens a level of trust between them and their children that make all subjects easier and that opens up a higher form of parent-child communication.

Podcast Phases 1 and 2 Free Online

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