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In their 28th book, the Eyres explode some of the old sayings or cliches and hackneyed old sayings that just don’t work very well for families today. In our busy world, we need to turn it around and say “Don’t Just Do Something, Sit there!” Instead of “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well” we need to say “If a thing is just barely worth doing, just barely do it.” We need to relax. Instead of saying “Hurry up” we need to tell ourselves, and our kids, to “slow down.” We need to be present! Instead of “Never put off till tomorrow that which you can do today” we need to “Always put off a put-off-able in favor of a now-or-never.”

It is surprising how much certain old cliches can influence our lives. They become a sub-conscious part of our paradigm and make our lives more complex and stressed. On their latest episode of Eyres on the Road, Richard and Linda talk about their book Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There and debunk 20 or so of these old sayings and replace them with the new maxims that work for individuals and families today.

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