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We would all like to have more control over our time, our kids, our relationships, our schedules, but life happens, and so often things come up that throw us off of our plan and get in the way of our “lists.”

The Eyres’ 27th book, Serendipity of the Spirit, is about their favorite word, Serendipity, and explains that the word can become a mindset that makes us more spontaneous, more fun, and more relaxed. The original definition of Serendipity is “A state of mind wherein a person, through sensitivity and awareness, frequently finds something better than what he was seeking.” This quality can allow us to see teaching moments, to love rather than resent the surprises and interruptions of our lives, and to be more tuned-in to the relationships that matter most. In fact, the Eyres say that an attitude of serendipity may be the most important quality that a parent or marriage partner can develop.

Learn more about why and how it was written on Richard and Linda’s most recent Eyres on the Road podcast.


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