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The Eyres’ 22nd book was a labor of love by Linda, and a bit of a risk because it is all about our failures and nothing about success.

I Didn’t Plan to Be a Witch chronicles the daily craziness of a family with young children, and Linda is remarkably candid about the messes, the frustrations and the loss of temper and “witch-hood” that it can send mothers into. Though the book offers no advice, it has helped moms across the world by letting them know that they are not alone. A typical reader comment is “Wow, Linda is having even more issues as a mom than I am–maybe there is hope for me after all.”

We all plan to be good parents, even perfect parents, who always keep our cool and always know what to do. But in reality, we are often discouraged, frustrated, and at a loss. And the problem is that we are comparing our difficult reality with the perfect-looking unreality of other families on Social Media or sitting calmly in Church while we are trying to keep our incorrigible kids quiet. On this week’s Eyres on the Road podcast, the Eyres not only showcase Linda’s book, but talk about the virtue of not comparing ourselves with other parents or other families who put their “perfect face” up on Social Media.

The Eyres have also lent their name to an effort to recognize Social Media that actually encourages parents rather than discouraging them. Take a look and even cast your vote for the social media that you think is most helpful to you as a parent.

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