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Most parents know the value as well as the joy of reading stories to their children, but we often can’t seem to find the time. Well…Christmas is the season to find the time! And there is a wealth of fabulous Christmas stories for all ages. The beauty of Christmas storybooks is that most of them teach a principle and can expand a child’s understanding of giving, of receiving with gratitude, of helping, of caring for those in need. This week on their podcast, the Eyres read three Joy School Stories, one of which teaches the joy of giving, one the joy of loving who you are rather than wanting to be someone else, and one the joy of making good choices. The benefits of reading to children run from close physical contact to the power of listening to learning to be expressive with ones’ voice to talking together about the principles and lessons learned.

The Eyres’ 17th book is a book of children’s stories, each beautifully illustrated and each written to specifically teach one of the 12 joys from the Joy School curriculum.


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