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The Eyres’ 20th book was a labor of love, and of personal introspection and struggle. As a very young man, Richard had written an earlier book called LifePlanning, which, as he looked back on it a decade later, felt presumptuous and less than humble, suggesting in the typical self-help mode that we can do anything we want to do and have anything we want to have if our attitude is positive and if we plan and work hard enough. The Eyres wanted to write another kind of a book–one that allowed for reacting as well as acting, and took in the needs of others as well as the needs of self. The result was LifeBalance.

So much of succeeding in life is about balance. Balancing work with family, balancing structure with spontaneity, balancing relationships with achievements. And no one needs to face the challenges of balance more than busy parents who have to think about the needs of their children, of their spouse, of their work, of their bodies, of their church, of their community, often of their aging parents, and on and on.

On the podcast this week, the Eyres talk about their own struggles with balance and give some simple things they have learned that have helped them to bring more balance into their complicated lives. They also want to give each of us an early Christmas gift of their classic book LifeBalance for free. Join the Eyres this week in thinking about getting more balance in your life, and remember to subscribe to Eyres on the Road on your favorite podcast app.

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