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We all want our families to work! We want less frustration and more fulfillment. We want functionality rather than chaos. But how do we get these things? How do we get more efficient and effective as parents? What “Family Systems” really work? This week on their podcast (“Eyres on the Road”–get it on any Podcast App) Richard and Linda outline ten of the best practices they have discovered around the world, based on their book Mother, Father, and the Family That Worked.

The Eyres have always liked fables, allegories, and metaphors, and this little volume (written under the pseudonyms of Crunk and Moffit) is all three. In fable-like language, it tells the story of a family fraught with problems until they hit on some parenting and home-organizing ideas that change everything and made their parenting and their family begin to really “work.”

The little story covers several of the Eyres’ most popular family systems including the Family Economy, the Family Laws, Sunday Sessions, Weekly Awards, Daddy and Mommy Dates, Tutors and Tutees, etc.

The bottom line is that families can be fun as well as functional. Listen to the podcast and get the book for free:

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