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Freedom is defined in many ways and is best analyzed through the question “Free from what?” Scripture tells us that the truth makes us free; Brokers tell us about financial freedom; Retirement Idealists suggest a time when we will be free from responsibility. But what is real freedom? What kind of freedom should we be pursuing? Is there any such thing as freedom for parents with children in their home?

In their podcast this week, Richard and Linda discuss the gift of agency and the process through which agency can be exercised and developed so that it turns into freedom. Ever since the War in Heaven, there has been an ongoing battle between false freedom and true freedom. Freedom from responsibility and difficulties and challenges is the false freedom that Satan proposed in that premarital conflict, which opposed the agency and opportunity for growth (but also for failure) that was championed by Christ. In our lives today, and in our families, we must learn to discern between these two freedoms; we must avoid being the kind of snowplow parents or helicopter parents that remove challenge and growth and the opportunity to fail from our children’s lives. Real freedom is not free, and Richard talks about working for freedom from doubt, from guilt, and from caring too much about what others think.

What do you think freedom is, how can it affect you and your marriage and your children? How are you working to find more of it?


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