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While Richard and Linda have co-authored most of their parenting books, they have also each written individually when the audience was exclusively men or women. For example, they each wrote books recently on Grandparenting, with Richard writing “Being a Proactive Grandfather” and Linda writing “Grandmothering” (both now available on Amazon). One of the earliest single-authored books was A Joyful Mother of Children, written by Linda and re-released in new editions over two decades.

This week in their podcast (Eyres on the Road–on any podcast app) the Eyres talk about that book and about the ups and downs, the highs and lows of motherhood. Richard essentially interviews Linda about her book A Joyful Mother of Children. There have been three bestselling editions of this classic motherhood book, the first of which was written when Linda and Richard’s children were preschoolers and elementary-schoolers, and the last edition when they were teens and college students. Linda discusses how to have perspective, how to simplify, and how to be flexible in “the most important occupation in the world.

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