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Years ago, while living with their family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Richard Eyre, with Linda’s help, began thinking about and writing a novel that would be an adventure story and a romance, but that would also symbolize the journey we all go through in trying to learn who we really are. The story is set in Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Park, but also in Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England.

In their podcast this week (Eyres on the Road–available on all podcast apps) the Eyres talk about how essential it is to give our children a strong identity as part of a lasting family. Studies show that kids who know “where they came from” in terms of their ancestors and their stories are more resilient and secure than kids who don’t. Richard and Linda focus in on the tenth book they ever wrote, a novel called The Awakening, which is about an amnesiac and his search for who he is. The book is written as an adventure and a romance, but on a symbolic level it is about the search for identity that we all go through and how we can discover what is most important and make what matters the core of who we are.

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