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After the Eyres had been on their media tour promoting Teaching Children Joy for the parents of preschoolers, their publisher asked them to consider writing a sequel for the parents of elementary-age children. It had always been Richard and Linda’s philosophy that as kids get to first or second grade, the focus has to shift to helping them begin to understand how to behave responsibly. So it was natural to call the sequel Teaching Children Responsibility.

This is a book about the universal challenge of helping children grow into responsible adults. Many studies show that the single biggest concern of parents worldwide is “Raising Responsible Kids in an Irresponsible World” and Richard and Linda tackled the subject in their eleventh book, Teaching Children Responsibility by breaking down the subject into twelve different kinds of responsibility–one each month of the year for parents to focus on. The twelve things we all want our kids to be responsible for are 1. Obedience, 2. Things, 3. Work, 4. Actions, 5. Talents, 6. Attitudes, 7. Choices, 8. Character, 9. Potential, 10. Smaller Children, 11. Dependability, and 12. Contributing.

The important thing about both of these “Teaching Children” books is that they represent a whole new approach to parenting that the Eyres call “Parenting by Objective” which involves having very clear and intentional goals concerning what you want to teach a child, and then pursuing a plan and a month-by-month approach that implements the objective and gives the child what you have predetermined he or she needs. The old saying “a great offense is the best defense” really applies here, and parents who are proactive rather than reactive have more fun!

Just as Teaching Children Joy became the basis for world-wide Joy Schools, Teaching Children Responsibility spawned Alexander’s Amazing Adventures – a brilliant series of 12 fantasy audio adventures, each of which, through drama and music and humor, teaches one of the 12 forms of responsibility. Elementary-age kids love Alexander and his adventures, which are available here on this site.

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