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For many years, Richard and Linda have said that the two most important things on earth, (and the two highest priorities we should have) are our family relationships and our relationship with Christ. They like to think of “eternal family” as the goal or the end, and Christ as the facilitator or enabler or the means. That is why they post on Instagram (@richardlindaeyre) each Sunday on one aspect of Christ (taken from this book and enhanced) and each Monday on one aspect of improving our marriage or parenting.

Perhaps the single most pivotal and influential thing we can do for our children is to teach them to know Jesus Christ. Nothing else will prepare them as well to make good decisions and to live to their potential than a clear vision of who Christ was and is. It was these thoughts that motivated the Eyres to write their sixth book, which asks its readers to focus on one single, specific aspect or facet of Jesus’s character each week of the year, particularly on each Sunday. The Eyres wrote this book while they had the stewardship of 600 young missionaries in London, England in the hopes that those young people, along with their own children, would become interested in knowing as much as they possibly could about Christ and His life and ministry and about “what manner of man” He was and is.

The Eyres’ sixth book was written for a very specific purpose–namely to help themselves, their children, and those they were leading and working with to develop a deeper and more specific understanding of and relationship with Jesus Christ. Originally written not as a book but as a series of weekly letters or articles, the idea was to focus or zoom in, each and every week, on one separate, individual element of who Christ was and is and what characteristics He had that we can try to follow or emulate.

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