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No one, on their deathbed, says “Oh gee, I wish I had spent more time at the office.” What ends up mattering most in life is not the things we accomplish or the accolades we win; what matters most is the strength of our relationships with those we love most.

This week the Eyres continue their series on the core message of each of their 50 published books on family, parenting, marriage, and life balance. This is the second week in the series, and the focus is on their second book, titled Relationships, With Self, With Family, and With God (co-authored with Paul H. Dunn).

The prime message of the book is that relationships are more important than achievements and deserve an equal or greater amount of time and mental energy. While achievement goals are often set with numbers and percentages and quantitative measurement, relationship goals are set with descriptive paragraphs about what you want a particular relationship (with a spouse, or a child, or with God) to be like in five years.

Those who deliberately change their priorities from achievements to relationships will find ways to improve the one thing that, late in life, everyone wishes they had spent more time and effort on–the key relationships of their life.

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