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We continue with a preview of our forthcoming book The 8 Myths of Marriaging.

2. The Achievement Myth:

Achievements are harder and take more work than relationships do.

Truth: Relationships are, both in the short term and the long term, always more important than achievements are—and usually harder.

  1. Sub-myth: The home supports the career.
    Truth: The career supports the home.
  2. Sub-myth: Achievements can be pursued, while relationships just happen.
    Truth: Relationships, particularly the marriage relationship, deserve the most “pursuing” of all; and relationship goals can be as effective as achievement goals.
  3. Sub-myth: Parenting is more work than marriaging, and good parents are almost always good marriage partners.
    Truth: Good marriages take constant effort and almost always make for better parenting—but this doesn’t necessarily work the other way around.
  4. Sub-myth: Marriage is about two individuals, and it works best if the families stay out of it.
    Truth: Your marriage, like it or not, is the joining of two families, so you might as well embrace it. Our in-laws can become our in-loves; the more positive and proactive we are about extended family relationships, the more we will get and the more we will give.

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